Wedding Anniversary Blues

Today, 31st October, would have been my 51st Wedding Anniversary. At the moment I’m feeling numb, don’t feel like crying, have to be grateful managed 50 years of marriage, but my tears will come a week later because that’s when my husband became very ill and was taken into hospital but was discharged too early and a few days later rushed back into hospital where he stayed until he passed away. In fact I now feel like crying while I’m typing this thinking about that time a year ago.

Lydia, yes cry, you have ever right to cry. I always say we had 45 years but it wasn’t long enough. Any anniversary is hard and we know we will/have to get through them but everyone is hard.
I am hoping that posting on here helps you get through today and this coming week, my thoughts and blessings are being sent. Be careful because you will be more fragile at present. S xxx