Wedding Anniversary blues

Today is the 57th Anniversary of the day I married the love of my life. We had 60 years together and he was my life. He died nearly 4 years ago.
Every day is painful but anniversaries are obviously the worst. As I write this, I am remembering that this time in 1966 I was excitedly getting my make-up on and getting into my beautiful dress ready for our wedding at 3pm. It was drizzling and cold (our fault for getting married at such a silly time of year) but that didn’t affect my happiness. My mother was worried because I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous or doubtful about whether I was doing the right thing, but I was fine, happy and calm. In fact, for a lot of the morning, I was playing the piano!
Now, 58 years later, I look back on our happy marriage, our complete and utter love for one another, truly ‘forsaking all others’ and I marvel at the fact we found one another out of all the people in this big wide world. Our happiness was enhanced by the arrival of our two daughters and later, the addition of sons-in-law that we actually liked (!), then four wonderful grandchildren. We were truly blessed.
So, although I am sad, I thank God for all of that. We had our share of serious illnesses and family bereavements etc., but we came through it all together. The only obstacle to our everlasting love was his death.
Thank you, my darling, for loving me, respecting me, making me so very happy, and for all the other things you did for me. I know I made you happy too - you told me so, many times.
Happy Anniversary my love. Rest in Peace and may you somehow know that my love for you has never, and will never die. I love you so much.


@AnnR , hi , what a beautiful ,heartwarming post , yes we were lucky to find our partners and have the most happiest life with them , those thoughts sometimes get lost in this grief and pain we feel every day without them . Hope you got through the day best way you could . Sending love and hugs X


Hi @AnnR
Lovely words and thoughts.
You are correct we sometimes get caught up in the grief and heartache :broken_heart: without them. Only 8 months on for me and 37 years only in our early 60’s almost half our lives together it us tough. But you must think of the positive things we had in our life together. I was blessed to have him in my live and will never forget how much i loved him and he loved me
Take care
Lynne :heart:


Beautiful post - think resonates with all of us, esp second last paragraph

Wish I’d said it more often when she was still with me :disappointed_relieved:


Hi what beautiful posts I too feel lucky 51 years with my husband he passed 9 months ago, he too loved me with all of his heart and I loved him too so very much. Over the past years he wasn’t a well man and had told close friends and family he was worried sick about leaving me and worried how I would cope, when people tell me how much he loved me my heart melts he also wanted to redo our vows but that didn’t happen I tell him everyday how much I miss and love him :broken_heart:


Thanks everyone. It really helps that others are ‘holding me up’, even though they are going through the same suffering that I am.
Yes, lucky is what I was and I use that thought to lift me up on the bad days.


Hi @AnnR
Stay strong
Sending hugs and :heart:
Lynne x

Thank you everyone for all the posts on this thread … such heart warming messages amid what I know is still intense sadness for us all

All your posts made my heart smile, and the strength to get through another long weekend - I’ve already been awake for 6 and half hours , after another sleepless night.

Me too 3hrs sleep seems the norm for the past 8 months
Visiting my aunt in hospital today she was taken in yesterday with breathing problems and my mum who had to go into care home just before Christmas.

Another Saturday but least i’ll be kept busy during the day

Have a good day
Lynne x

I too have problems sleeping on a night and have done since my husband passed I’m shattered but plod on I’m lucky most weekends I’m at my sons
Hope your Aunt is ok Galaxy and your mum is ok

Hi @Jennison1946
Another day shattered after visit to hospital.
I dont drive so takes me 3hrs via bus.
Wish i could sleep but now back home TV on background noise.
I’m 8 months on yet if feels :sleepy: why is this
I dont have family or friends to see.
I phone but they stay so far away it just feels like i’m on my own.
My aunt is doing ok just angina attack or chest infection so maybe out tomorrow.
Take care

Hi Lynne I too don’t drive my husband drove me everywhere and when your use to a car that’s another thing that hits you, took me quite a while to get on a bus by myself I don’t like it but I try that was thanks to the counselling I have. I’m glad your Aunts ok and maybe out of hospital tomorrow try to relax because your health is very important have you tried breathing exercises they help me a little you take care and look after yourself Wendy