Wedding Anniversary

It’s 2 years now since my husband died suddenly and it’s our 25th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, I feel so alone and sad. He collapsed in front of me and I done CPR but he died. I keep thinking about what a lovely day we would have been having with family and friends tomorrow😥


@Julbox. It is so traumatic when your soul mate collapses and does not survive. I had so much hope until we had to turn off the life support. Anniversaries and birthdays are so terribly hard. You can’t help but think - what if. Our anniversary was 12th June and Pete died 8th April. His birthday was 1st June and he was retiring. I am so sad he didnt get to retire. We had been together 50 years, since we were teenagers. We planned our Golden wedding would be a 70s fancy dress with motown music. It was a couple of years away but we decided it was what we wanted to do. Every day is hard isn’t it? Sending love and strength.


It was my gorgeous fantastic wife sues next step of the journey on what have been our 7th wedding anniversary. Sue said she wanted to hang on till after our anniversary but i told sue to let go and i couldn’t see my rock suffering anymore. I feel so lost and alone even though my daughter and stepson dave family are supportive but I really miss the company smell of sues perfumes body lotions the way sue laughed