Wedding Ring

My wife Rachel passed away in February and I am still wearing my wedding ring. I am not sure I want to take it off but wondered what others have done. It’s so blinking hard every step of the way.

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Been two and a half years for me and I still wear my wedding ring and I am in a new relationship but I will never take it off. You do what you want when you are ready, you will know when the time is right, there are no rules.


If you scroll down the topics “wedding ring” there are plenty of responses & thoughts.

Very personal but only you will know when it’s time.

Take care. Gx.

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I lost my wife in February and I’m still wearing my wedding ring. I have no plans to take it off. But that’s just me.

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Hi, My wife passed away on April 29th and I wear mine and hers is on my left middle finger. x

That’s so lovely, I have thought about doing something with her wedding ring and the ring were we renewed our vows in Hong Kong 10 years ago. I need to look at the thread for wedding rings but thanks.

I lost my wife in April and can’t bear to not have it on. Before, if I took it off going to the bathroom to wash my hands and forgot to put it back, I would just decide to retrieve it when I was next upstairs. Since, I’ll get it straight away and put it back on. I don’t like to take it off unless I’m getting my hands wet

On his 21st birthday my husbands parents gave him a signet ring, which he told me he used to wear every day until, it got caught one day when he was at work!
Lucky no damage was done to him, because the ring broke.
Years later when we were getting married he decided against having a wedding ring which at the time I have to admit I was a little upset. But ultimately it was his choice and I understood the reason wholeheartedly.
It’s coming up to 10 months since he passed away and in that time I have found that signet ring!
I am thinking of having it made into an eternity ring. It will be something of his to cherish :heart:

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That sounds lovely @CakeyNana. My wife passed away in February and I still have her rings and wear mine, I just don’t know what to do with them. X

Thank you and sorry for your loss X
It can be very difficult to know what to do on any given day. It’s still early days, you don’t have to do anything with them. Give yourself time.
My darling mum passed away 3 years ago in March we each had one of her rings. Maybe that could be a possibility for you if you have family that your wife would want them passed down to.
Don’t do anything rash. Think about what she would want, I’m guessing she wouldn’t want you to spend your time worrying!
As I said, you don’t have to do anything with them.
But when and if you do, you will know what and when the time is right for you.

Take Care X