Weekends are lonely

I am finding weekends so lonely and the grief hits me more. I lost my husband of 40 years 8 months ago. Sudden death, totally unexpected. He died at work. We used to go out st weekends. Bird sanctuary, shopping, or even just a drive out somewhere. Now i have nothing. I am recently gone back to work so week days are bearable and evenings in week are quiet but weekends are so hard. He was my life, i dont drive and dont have hardly any friends. Bereavement has left me with anxiety. hope that that this gets better in time.


@Hazell im so sorry for your loss!! it really is the most cruel thing to have to go through… i find the weekends extremely hard, i do have children but even though i have them i have the constant pain of missing shaun. we used to love the weekends, just spending it together as would be busy in week with work. we always used to do something, go for a walk, food, family time… now i just sit here and feel so alone and in pain…
sending you lots of love i really do know how horrible it is x


Do you have a local church near you? They have lots of things going on or attend a Sunday service may be, you don’t have to be religious but you would meet people.
Or if there is a bus near you, jump on one and go somewhere. I hadn’t been on a bus for 50 yrs because I drive but had to go to Jury service in the middle of B’Ham City Centre and nobody drives there and I was anxious but pushed myself to do it and you will be amazed how many people chat to you. It does take effort but I learnt nobody is going to be knocking at my door so I had to get myself out and about. I have met new friends and take every opportunity I can to do something because the more you stay in constantly the more likely it is to become depressed.
Find a hobby or something that interests you. None of it is easy but we all have to make a new life for ourselves., one step at a time until confidence builds. Take care


So sorry for your loss know how your feeling I was only with my fiancé 3 years due to get married he was a DJ I use to go every where with him most weekends I feel lost and lonely he died suddenly 6 months ago and his family tainted me as the horrible person I wasn’t we had our ups and downs but I was t even allowed to say goodbye my grief is full of anger just wish i could have saved him and been their to say goodbye x


The majority of people perform well in a crisis and when the spotlight is on them . It’s the Sunday afternoons of this life , when nobody is looking that the spirit falters .

I find this is so very very true .

It’s an Alan Bennett quote .

The problem with bereavement as in losing your soulmate is no one unless it’s happened to them has a clue how dreadful it can be :cry:. Sending caring thoughts :two_hearts: