Weekends especially suck

Cant just be me believing most other people’s lives are cushy cushy as I guess was ours. Parks, country walks, seaside days, hols, caravanning etc especially the weekends!! worse . Looking forward to retirement & taking caravan out more…
Now go walks for sanity talk to everybody & anybody whether they want to converse or not ( Im not very good at recognising this) wknds worse, people sat out drinking at park/ riverside, celebrating weddings close by…
Walk till late , even searched google local desperate for someone to talk to in person eg night cafes our city has one but 10-1 this was 9 ish very very down. Nhs line good but usually only call when Im balling my eyes out !!!
No ’ friends’ want to know, all have own little lives, noone ever wants to go for a meal go for a drink I LONG FOR SOME NORMALITY!!! SOMETHING OF WHAT WE HAD I CANT TAKE THIS - especially every wknd for maybe next s’ddin 35 years!!!
Some people say I shouldnt air all on face book, but whats the alternate, better out than in. Two or tgree supportive friends but noone I can call or would have me round at night - biggest problem walk toll late, sometimes gardening till too dark to…SURELY NOT JUST ME. SOOOOOOO lonely x


I can feel your pain just reading your post,if I could take it away for you I would. I feel all of those things you mention having lost my beautiful wife four weeks ago.
People who don’t know your pain and grief shouldn’t be telling you to do anything,if you want and need to express your feelings on fb or anywhere else then do it especially on here as we really do know how you feel.
I send you lots of hugs and understanding,if I had something to ease your pain I would send that too.

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I feel exactly the same so lonely, my hubby died 9 months ago, he was my best friend and great support always knew the answers, wish i did.
Sorry for your loss which you have probably heard loads of times as i have, i look around and see happy couples it only makes me miss him more, hug sent to you.


I fully understand. The world doesn’t feel right anymore . I see couples happy together and I fill up . Seeing anyone celebrating feels unfair . I have no answers. Sorry you are in the same situation as me and many others on here


Hello @SMDW ,

Thank you for your post. I’m so sorry for your loss. I just want to reach out with some possible in person support which may be helpful to you right now.

Sue Ryder have just launched our Grief Kind Spaces.

Our Grief Kind Spaces are weekly, in-person drop-in sessions held in the local community and run by trained volunteers. The sessions provide a safe, informal and supportive place for people to come together and share their experiences of grief, helping attendees to feel heard and less alone.

If you’re not in an area with a Grief Kind space, or are looking for a different kind of support, you may wish to visit the AtALoss website. It is a directory of bereavement support and will show you what is available in your area. If you click this link then select your region, you may be able to find something near you.

I hope this is helpful - take good care,



Only just seen thanks. Think id seen it has but they were I think mostly south no midlands.