To all you guys out there who like me hate weekends without their partner a big virtual hug. I’m thinking about all of us in this situation and hate the fact that we are suffering. We are not alone even if we feel as if we are. We are all here for each other. Take care . Xxx

Thanks Wiltshiregirl. I’m having a rubbish weekend - the sun is shining and couples are strolling past my house, hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company or else my neighbours are pottering in their gardens together or sitting outside. I can hear the murmur of their chat and laughter. It completely breaks my heart to be honest and I envy them so much. Anyway, it helped to read your post and know that I am not the only one suffering this awful pain.
Ann x

I know what you mean I’ve just walked to the park with my grandchildren and you can hear people everywhere being happy as they should be. It’s just so cruel! I know life has to go on but I want to be one of the happy people as I was 9 weeks ago. Big hugs xxx

Big hugs back to you. It’s 9 weeks for me this Monday and yes weekends are horrible all alone on Saturday night is hard.


How I share the feelings about weekends. At the moment I am watching x factor and crying because I don’t have Peter to talk and laugh about it. Only a small reminder of my desolation. x

Hello everyone
Yes it’s 9 weeks on Monday for me too. Our weekends used to be so lovely. If the weather was good, we’d go out in the day, if not we’d snuggle up and get cozy. Now it’s so so quiet. I used to smile and laugh a lot but i feel like I’m forgetting how to. I just have to find things to do. Watching tv is hard too. I cant watch anything that involves couples, love, medical issues, planning for the future or singing as they all make me cry. I should take up DIY as that seems the only thing I watch regularly!!
I’m also sending you all a big virtual hug and we should do it all at the same time so it feels like a group hug. Love to you all.

Big hugs back to you all. This has got to be the saddest club in the world and we’re only in it for one reason. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was somewhere we could go when we’re having our bad days and just meet up with others in the same situation. Then no one would have to be alone. This forum helps but actual contact with each other would be amazing. My love and thoughts are with you all. Xxx

Yes it would be lovely wouldn’t it!! To have that group understanding and comfort would be great.
Lots of love xx

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