Why is it so hard weekends it’s like a dark cloud comes over me seeing couples shopping together etc certain music sets me off sometimes I can be posative then boom back to a sad place

Probably it can be more difficult because weekends are usually seen as a family time. Although our weekends were mostly, for example; one in the garden one cleaning the house. Or, one out shopping the other watching sport. One in the shed one doing the ironing. We didn’t often spend all day doing the same thing together just because it was weekend. In fact, we probably did that more during the week since we took early retirement a few years ago. I suppose I could get hung up because it’s weekend but I wouldn’t really have a genuine reason to, I would be doing it just because it’s weekend. I don’t miss my husband any more on a Saturday than I do on a Wednesday, therefore, I refuse to let weekends become a big issue.

I hope your weekend gets better for you xx

Hello San5mic - I wholeheartedly agree with you. Saturday has got to be the worst day ever created, in my mind that is. The “dark cloud” appears on a Friday but then lifts a bit on the Sunday as the worst feels over. I do know what you mean, and I guess a lot more would think the same truth be told. Sending compassionate thoughts to you, take care.

It always amazes me how different we are. During the week three of my children work and one is at home on maternity leave. Most of my grandchildren are at school.
I look forward to the weekend as I get to see my kids and grandkids.
The idea that shopping is an enjoyable pastime that couples could enjoy together is way outside my understanding. We never shopped together. It got in the way of life. I still don’t associate shopping with happiness. I always feel sorry for couples shopping together as if it was a leisure activity.
Looking back over the years I miss the weekends from years ago when the kids were young but that time is long gone.
Saying all that, it’s made me wonder if my wife would have thought the same as me had she had been left on her own. She seemed to enjoy shopping if she needed clothes. We would often go to Harrogate and I would find something else to do while she shopped. As her illness got worse I went and helped her a few times but it was hard work. Just passing M & S traumatises me now.

I agree with you, taking early retirement we liked to go out together sometimes during the week visiting NT places or at the beach collecting driftwood when it was quieter.
Weekends were spent doing our own things at home. My partner would be found in his beloved studio and me in the garden or just generally pottering with some new project.
So fortunately I have no reason to dread a weekend alone.
I feel so sorry for those that dread it and hope the time doesn’t pass too slowly for them.