Weight loss

Has anyone lost a lot of weight from grieving??

Hi Tina, yes but then went and put it back plus some. During lockdown I put a bit more on and now trying to shift it, not good. Try to enjoy the food that you actually fancy and don’t worry about your weight, honestly it will come back when you can live with the grief, I know that sounds horrible but I think we always have our grief with us. You know the saying, eat, drink and be merry, it was the first two that put the weight back on. Take care Tina. S xx

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Thank you. So much. You get worried when your loses weight. X

Tina, just watch, wait and see for a little time but if in any doubt consult your GP it may be better than worrying. I had difficulty in sleeping and not wanting to be bothered but physically I was fine it was just mentally I lacked the motivation to do anything. Just be careful. xxx

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I no I will just see how I go. Thank you for your kind words really helps xx

Dear Tina4

I lost my husband last September - the date is fast approaching. I cannot even say it out loud or write it but it is not too far off. Over the period since he died I have lost 2 stone. I have never ate a proper sized meal since he died and I force myself to have at least a bowl of something every day. I have our little grandson once a week so always make sure I eat something sustaining the night before and during the course of the day and night he is with me. There after it doesn’t really matter to me anymore if being honest. None of my clothes fit.

My GP spoke with me and said that perhaps she could prescribe some ‘booser’ drinks.

My husband was also only 60 when he died. He was out on his motorbike and never came back. I begged him for years to give up the bike but he would not listen and I find it hard to forgive his leaving me, our kids and little grandsons. I can only hope that you have friends/family around you.

Thinking of you.

Sorry for your loss. It been 7 month since my partner commit suicide. And I get really mad with him. Leaving me on my own. Can not sleep or eat. Lost a stone and a half. No one will no how it feels. U till you go though it…I am so glad you text me. Its put my mind at ease… I am here if you need me. :heart:Anytime

Dear Tina4

I appreciate that lockdowns have disrupted GP services but at 60 you are entitled to a healthcheck by your GP. Perhaps you might want to go and book an appointment on this basis and discuss the services available to support you.