Weird dreams

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I was just wondering if anyone else has weird or wonderful dreams about their loved ones?

My mum passed away in August this year, and since then, I’ve had a few dreams about her. One felt very real, like I was actually talking to her about her passing. One was a bit less “exciting” and I saw her face in a crowd, staring up at me, not smiling. I’ve had a couple of nightmares about her passing too, and then I had a dream last night about her… that they got her out of her grave and coffin and woke her up for me. We were in a room where they’d done that with a lot of people. It felt like visiting hours at a hospital or something. The deceased looked well and were chatting. It was a bit scary at times, but I loved being able to talk to my mum again, and have some hugs with her, and ask her questions I’m desperate to know the answers to.

Does anyone else have these sorts of dreams? How do you feel about them? The lovely ones, I just don’t want to wake up and for it to end. The scary ones, I find the thoughts linger with me through the day and I have “daymares” where I panic and insist that people start talking AT me a lot to make me stop thinking about the horrible images and thoughts that are invading my mind…

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Kim x

Hi Kimberly, for about a month before my wife passed away I had a strange dream every night in which the wedding ring disappeared from my ring finger. What I find perplexing about this is that although she had been ill for some time, during that month her health had appeared to be steadily improving.

I also have less pleasant dreams in which I hear her calling me for help which wake me up and leave me shaking. Earlier this year she was confined to a hospital bed at home for a couple of months and would often need my help during the night. I find this dream particularly disturbing because I was away from home when she passed away and I wonder if had I been there could I have helped her?

Take care

Yes, I’ve had really compelling dreams where I’ve been with my Pa & Ma (who died within a couple of years of one another) and where I’ve been aware that they’re dead, but have been grateful for the opportunity to hear this voices again and to have some contact. I have had the sense that they’re both sorry to have left me somquickly and with so little warning, which was the case for both of them. I find these dreams very comforting and it is so nice to " hear" them again. Before Ma died, I had a really vivid dream of my Pa, sitting on the top step of their staircase, with Ma hugging him & telling me," He doesn’t know he’s died. He’s confused." I told Ma about this dream and she seemed comforted by it.

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I had a weird dream last night in which the family and I were planning my late husband’s memorial service and had the date set and everything booked. Oddly my husband was there as well. Then he got a message about another event he said he absolutely had to attend and he apologized for not being there for his funeral.