Weird signs?

For the past few months I’ve been constantly seeing the number 23? I mean, EVERYWHERE! When I check my phone, length of time on a call, work related, videos I have on my phone with Martin etc.

The strange thing is, I HATE that number! To long to explain, but Martin knew this, he would laugh if my plane seat etc was that number; it always freaked me out!

I always viewed this as an unlucky number, so out of curiosity I Googled it!

“The spiritual meaning of angel number 23 is about change, progress, and growth . If you are seeing this number frequently, it may be a sign that you are on the right path and that you should continue to grow spiritually”

Is this just my imagination or a sign? It’s starting to become quite unnerving! This number is in my face constantly! Anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Big hugs
Dottie :heart:



This memory came up in my phone yesterday, 23rd of May?! Really…. :heart:Xx

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I think it’s great that your having these signs. Bit too regular to be a coincidence.

I see hawks all the time. They appear so I can’t miss them or avoid them.

He always protected me in life so maybe…


@Dottie72 I think It is your husband sending you signs. He knew what 23 meant to you and only he knew the significance. Take strength from it Sending a hug. I only wish mine would send a sign x


@Nel @Ali29 Oh, I really hope it is a sign! It’s been freaking me out for months! Even this morning, got up and checked my phone, 6.23am!! :heart:Xx

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Wow that’s amazing and just too much of it to just be a coincidence. I would definitely take that as a sign and your Martin must have had a great sense of humour to keep freaking you out like that :wink:


Just went through your post and comments and was actually gob smacked to notice the number showing when you uploaded the photo and commented!!


:flushed:…. Oh my goodness, that is unbelievable!!! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::heart::heart::heart::heart:xxx

Yeah it’s probably the time since you uploaded them but I certainly noticed it and I felt compelled to let you know for some reason and since my Mum passed I’ve noticed a lot of strange things happening myself, I’m quite skeptical though but it does seem more than a coincidence x

I question myself too! But, it’s been so ridiculous with that number, even shows on TV the number keeps showing? My brother visits me most nights and even he has noticed it!

I have a few videos on my phone of Martin and never noticed before, but 3 of them are 23 seconds long??!! Made a video one night, silly I know, asking him to send me a sign, the video is 23 seconds long?!!!

Sending a big hug & thanks for sharing that pic!

Dottie x❤️