Weird sleep

Since my husband died in December, I’ve been sleeping really weird. I go to sleep but the only way i can describe it is as a total non event​:thinking: i go to sleep and then wake up 7/8 hours later as if i havent even been a sleep i dont dream at all or i dont remember dreams anymore and i get out of bed and i dont even have to make my bed as you cant even tell ive even been in it. Its really strange but more so that cant even explain why its strange it just is :thinking::thinking::thinking: hope that makes sense

Dear @Amanda111

Grief can affect your sleep in all ways after losing a loved one. What you are experiencing is normal. There are quite a few articles on Google about Grief and sleep which may be of help to you and worth reading.

I apologise I do not have all the answers.

Take care.



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Makes complete sense, my mum was like you when my dad died. When my daughter died it would take me a long time to get to sleep because I use to relive when I found her.She had died suddenly in the night from Sudden Death in Epilepsy , she was in the next room to me and her dad but we heard nothing. I walked into her room in the morning and found her she was only 2006
Since my husband died suddenly in June 2022 whilst on holiday I go up and down with sleep. But I am always tired even when I am not working. I know through bitter experience it’s part of grieving but it does get you


Yes i agree - i get very tired too … i think its all the emotions you go through ! It wears you out :frowning:

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