Many talk about being ‘weird’ or strange in some way. What is ‘weird’?
Strange. Peculiar. Odd. Not normal? I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that when they think they are weird they may be the only sane ones around. If you look at the way people behave would we consider it all sanity? Those of us who are in this awful position of grief do strange things. It’s what so called ‘normal’ people would think odd. But what is normal? If what I see going on in the world is normal then I would rather be weird. None of us are going crazy. We may feel we are but I have never known anyone suffering from anxiety, which most of us are, tip over the edge.
We have all suffered a life trauma. It just couldn’t be a worse experience. If we truly loved then the pain is very great. BUT, we did love.
‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’.
Shakespeare had it right. I feel it was a great privilege to have had so many years with my wife. I think as we get older we know something will happen some day, but we tend to push such thoughts away or call them morbid. In grief nothing is strange or weird. We can do what we like and if it brings a little comfort then so what. No one, grief or not, is in any position to judge the actions of others. Perhaps we should begin a ‘Weird’ thread because I’m sure many would be surprised at what we get up to. It may make us realise that being weird is not uncommon in grief.
Blessings to all and hugs, yes even to the guys on here. Guys need hugs too. Take special care. There are not many of us ‘weird’ ones left. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Agree Jonathan
How are you supposed to carry on as normal when a huge change has taken place. That would be weird. We are all hurting we can be as ‘weird’ as we like. Hugsx

Hi John. You have certainly given us something to think about. I have tried to act ‘normal’ in company throughout this last year but was this in fact me being ‘weird’.
Is it weird to want to hang onto things that belong to our loved ones or to get rid of them. Am I weird because, for a while, I put a pillow in one of Brian’s jackets and put the arms around me. (mentioned yesterday elsewhere). Am I weird because I look for the Robin’s or a bee to land near me and say thankyou when I see a white feather and feel Brian is still watching over me. I am beginning to think I am at the top of the list for being weird.
A hug back to you and everyone else. we all need them at this troubled time.

Pat xxx

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If you are weird, Pat, there isn’t much hope for me :grinning:


Well, if any of you lovely ladies are weird then I sure haven’t noticed.
I sometimes sit in the bedroom and have a talk with my wife. Weird? I don’t care if it is. It helps me and that’s my main concern at the moment. That’s not being selfish. Which brings me to the feelings we may have about being selfish. WE are the one’s in trouble and WE need to take care of ourselves. Now this is not extending selfishness to life in general, of course not, but I think you will know what I mean. If doing something you really want to do and others say it’s not good, and if it’s not illegal or
immoral then do it if in any way you think it helps YOU.
We can still get caught up in misplaced guilt. None of this is anyone’s fault
Blessings. XX

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