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Hi to all those who live in West Devon. I’ve been searching for local bereavement groups near me and just can’t seem to find any. Is there anyone out there who would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat?
I live near Tavistock but am more than happy to travel.


Dear @Trixie1

If you email Cruse Devon on devon@cruse.org.uk they may be able to let you know of support groups in your area.

I hope you are successful in finding a group. Take care.


Thank you for your reply Pepsi. I’ve emailed them but they are undergoing staff training from 10-24 October so may not be able to respond.

X Julie

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Hi,have you looked into way up.There do meet ups for coffee and days and nights out.Dont know if there have any in your area but if you are willing to travel it is worth it. They helped me a lot in the early days.

Thank you Angelo60, I have joined a local WAYUP group but I was just hoping there were other groups out there as well. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any but luckily my WAYUP group is brilliant.

Maybe one day….,
X Julie

Hi Julie

I am in Tavistock, perhaps we could get in touch? I lost my husband suddenly on 15th August.


Julie I live in Teignmouth - can travel to meet you by train. It would be lovely to meet you Leigh

Hi all, meeting others might help.
There are SOBS groups in Exeter, Bath, and Weston-super-Mare for anyone going through the same as me. It’s a UK national charity with a helpline number.

Hello Julie. I am in Exeter and would be happy to meet up somewhere. Maybe we can get a little group together.

Hi Wavewatcher

Thank you for your reply as it is such early days for you and it must be so hard and brave of you to reach out. It’s been 16 months for me and the first year I was in shock and spent most of it with my son in Spain.

I’m more than happy to meet as I’m only a 40 minutes train journey from you but there is also a WAYUP group in Exeter. This is for widows/widowers over 60 and I know they are meeting tomorrow morning. It’s a new group and this will be their second meeting.

If you are under 60, there is a WAY charity but I don’t know if they meet in Exeter.

Please look after yourself and don’t hesitate to message me. Just remember, don’t expect too much of yourself. I still just take one day at a time even after all these months.

X Julie

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Sorry Wavewatcher but I made a mistake, WAYUP is for over 50s !
X Julie

Thank you Julie for your kind message. I’m 57 so fit the criteria for the groups you suggest. I’ll certainly take a look. Please look after yourself too. No matter the stage we are at, the journey we are on is so very hard