What becomes of the broken hearted?

I’ve just been listening to the radio and this song came on by Jimmy Ruffin. Kinda fits although I’m not looking for someone else as the lyrics suggest, I just want who I had. What becomes of the broken hearted indeed? x


Hi Kate still got it on vinyl and it still plays as well as it did the 40 odd years ago we had just got engaged then Jane nearly played the life out of it wish I was back there then just starting our 44 years nearly of marriage instead of sitting here with losing Jane last November a broken hearted for sure.
Our song was the 3 degrees when will I see you again again another song to fit our grief.
Memories of better times eh Kate.
. Regards MM69

Oh my goodness me, that was our era too, the three degrees was our song, my hubby used to sing it to me, when we parted when we were courting ! All great songs by Barry White, My first my last my everything. The Chilites Betcha by golly wow all wonderful love songs. I can recall all the wonderful times when we first met, and the endless Hospital visits in the last 2 years of my hubbys life, but where are the wonderful middle bits, of our family life, only photos will jog my memory. This middle bit is hazy, gone so quickly. I often play our songs, they always make me cry, such wonderful times in our life together. I still look for my David, as others have said we know we can’t bring them back, but tell our brain to conform.

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Yes memories MM69. I’m always listening to lyrics these days but at least I can listen now without crying. That’s progress me thinks. Cherish the memories MM xx

Music very much of my life with Jimmy, we wove a musical tapestry over the 47 years we had together, met at aged 16&19. He passed away suddenly after terminal diagnosis, I stayed by his side 24/7 for the last 10 days of his life. Set up a speaker at the head of his bed and via Spotify played all the tracks we loved, remembering all the concerts our Spotify nights. This love for music lives on as does Jimmy. Can be painful…very much so in the first few months, driving was difficult with radio on. But now it means so much and I totally embrace it. As I write this I am on holiday, on my own and have my earphones in and TRex playing. Words, oh words, like Kate says, not all the words are dealing with loss we are dealing with, but oh my goodness, many will reflect exactly the deep love we shared and how we feel. But the weirdest thing is you will hear a song that means something that fits whatever is happening at that moment. I am 15 months into my journey, I will continue to live my life with my husband very much there, locked in my heart. All I do, I do knowing he is by my side. Our love for music has brought new friends into my life, through Rock Choir, I joined last Nov and the first song I had to learn was ‘Keeping the dream alive’ …just reading the words made me cry…it took weeks before I could sing it without tears. Learning to let memories give you comfort is the biggest challenge, I’m just starting to deal with it myself…it has to be that way…as its a testament to love. Love never dies. Now as I end my post the song ‘Listen to the Music ‘ has come on, totally random.

Listen to the music is by the Doobie Brothers x

Sorry, meant that to add that track was a totally random track on Spotify, not on my playlists x

I was a Marc Bolan fan Sandra. I had a thing for curly haired men! You’ll know what I mean…xx

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