What do I do

How is everyone doing ? I’ve had a few melt downs,upped my antidepressants and gone on to the waiting list for counselling… some days I just don’t want to get out of the bed xx much love

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I know where you come from… I feel it’s like groundhog day everyday. I am getting criticism from people where I have established a wonderful rapport with a young lady, not my doing.

But going back to you,try not to up the drugs, and do what’s best by your counselling. I talk regularly to my family and friends, it helps to get through the day.

At night is so so difficult and I find myself awake for up to 36hrs. Winding down so horrible, not having my wife with me not good, even though we knew what was going to happen.

My thoughts are with u and never think you’re alone xxx

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Hi I had a couple of counselling sessions before
my sons wedding last August. My darling husband only died in April and it was going to be such a struggle without him. The two sessions I had I paid for and was brilliant. The counsellor discussed with me what I thought would upset me and we worked through it together. I decided to park my grief for one day and do my best to enjoy the day. Boy was it difficult but I got through it and don’t think I would have without the help and advice I was given. I can only advise anyone out there if there is grief counselling available please give it a try.

Much love


Oh how I feel your pain. I got through the speeches and preliminaries but when the music started and the first dance was finished I took care of my grandchildren and cut the evening short by a couple of hours. I wanted everyone to have a good time but I know a few people felt uncomfortable approaching me, not knowing what to say. It was a lovely day but admit I was glad when it ended. John would have been so proud 🥲 and would have danced the night away with his boys and their friends who we have known all their lives.

How tough is this life without our partners. A struggle each day but I plod on doing what I can to keep busy. My boys have lost their dad and my grandchildren their beloved grandad. I have to support them as much as they support me. It’s
My job :heart:

I cannot envisage a time in my life when I could accept anyone into my life in that way. I would be cheating on my husband.
The thought of having anyone in our house, where he walked, slept… doesn’t work for me at all.

I’m the same my son getting married September and invited to nephews birthday party Saturday don’t want to go it’s so hard without our solemates lv annie x x