What happens when you just don't care anymore?

I lost my husband 7 months ago, sometimes it seems like years and sometimes it’s only been a few days. I still get upset, but not every day like in the beginning. I’ve kept myself busy, I have 3 very good friends and my younger son lives with me part-time. But what is the point? I’m finding it harder and harder to be bothered to do things when I am on my own. People think I am coping so well as I can laugh and go out and talk about Stephen. I just don’t know why I carry on, nothing matters. I can’t change what happened. I don’t have a purpose in life anymore.


I’ve literally just said all of this on another post.

I’m 4 months in and just don’t see the point in anything.

I live every day and like you, I’m praised for doing so well but nothing is done with any enthusiasm or excitement. The point of my life is gone.


I too have just said this on another post. How do we rebuild our lives? I can’t imagine any kind of meaningful future and that scares me. Sending hugs


I have just lost my hubby and rock last week and I am already questioning the future and hoping my days are also numbered…low that is…you go on because what else is there but you just exist…you do not live. It changes you.


It is almost 6 months since my husband passed away. I keep myself busy and have joined various groups as the last thing he said to me was go out and make a life for yourself. At the beginning I was doing it because that is what he wanted. I now am beginning to do it for myself. Do I enjoy it? No, it is not the same when you go out on your own. Everyone says to me how well I am coping and I can laugh and talk about Terry now. What they don’t see is what is happening on the inside. I still feel empty and lost and quite often come home and cry because there is no-one to share what you have done with your day. I keep getting told the first two years are the hardest but I can’t imagine the years of loneliness ahead


I’ve just read my post above and I’m now 5 months in. I still have difficult days but I also see glimmers of a good future and a life worth having. It still takes some effort but then doesn’t everything anyway.

I’ve booked a couple of breaks and I’m looking forward to them.

Life is very different and sometimes I feel pressure to live to my partners standards which is impossible without him because without him everything has changed and we’re no longer facing everything together.

I’m doing the best I can and that’s all I can ask of myself and I know he would be very proud of me.


I am not a regular poster but I do get comfort from reading certain post and your post probably sums up how I really feel.
I get up and I go to work I drive 11 hours of the day I return home I go to the pub just for some company and some idle chit chat and then I do it all again and again.
I really do not understand what I am ding anymore I am just existing I have no purpose I have dreams or desire they all vanished when by partner died.

I feel that when Jane died half of me died with her what is the point of being here people are all getting excited about the bank holidays for me its another weekend of hell as I cannot even go to work.

I have no purpose each day is just another day in hell for me.


Exactly this, im only carrying on for the sake of our two greyhounds, who my wife loved so much.

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