what i posted in the local paper

after Jaynes funeral,which was far from showing Jayne any love or knowledge of her life.
the eulogies were more about the beech family standing up reading bemusing quotes.
the songs were unknown to every one,no one could sing them as no one new the speed tempo etc.was not good.then weeks later the write up about who was there and the words written did not show any love to my very best friend lover and soulmate Jayne.i decided to take my time and put a few words together and put them in the local paper.
this is what I put:-


You have done Jayne proud Ian and you have let each and all know of your great love and pride through many years. I hope doing this piece has helped you in some way.
God bless

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Your world are lovely. x

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thank you Pat,i did this a week or 2 so after reading the write up about the funeral in the local press. Just wanted show how much I really knew about Jayne and how much I loved her.

thank you Daffy.