What if there’s no one?

Coping with grief when you have no family is a whole different ball game


I understood what you were saying & agree.
We may show grief differently but we are all on the same shit boat trip.

My husband passed suddenly 18 months ago, Like you we weren’t together 24/7 & had separate interests etc and in a sense I think this made acceptance “easier” (I know thats not the correct word -) . But being miserable all the time isn’t going to bring him back unfortunately, so I try to be as positive as I can be each day.

Yes, it’s bloody hard going & an empty house is unbearable & lonely – but we have to do the best we can.

G. X


Hi I get you and feel this everyday. I’ve no family only my dogs and its lonely and hard. There’s no meet up groups you can join as I know of near me. No support you just get told its greif… what a dark road to navigate. I dont want to be like this with what ever life I have left. X

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Thank you for your kind words and message @Grandma.
Truly appreciated.
I feel you are a kindred spirit.

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My husband came from a large family and they have not even phoned me up after being notified of his death.

I still talk to my husband as I know that somehow he knows what is happening and waiting to let me know he is here if only in spirit.

There are people here who are going through the same experiences as you and can relate and walk alongside you via this community ready with virtual tissues and cups of coffee.