What if they werent your best friend?

Im really struggling with my grief currently i lost my mum last November and its been a really strange unknown process i feel totally inequipited to deal with.

Her death was sudden so i was plunged into this world over night and still cant quite believe its true.

Something i really struggle with was the reality of her life and how that doesnt seem to match up with how most people talk about their deceased love ones.

Has anyone else had experience of this? Apologies if this doesnt make sense i dont want to open up specifics currently as its all rather raw.

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Sorry for your loss. You’re still really early on in your grief that it’s no surprise you’re at such a loss. Grief is such a personal thing,it throws up all sorts of emotions/reactions.
Not everyone has these ideal relationships with the people that have passed away. You will find lots of support on this forum and hopefully lots of understanding/empathy and advice. Keep reading and posting.