What is it with some people

Lost my husband in jan and have been struggling like everyone on here…i do tend to waste time doing nothing so today i decided to write a to do list , it has boring stuff clean widows write emails phone certain companys…etc …have also been texting a very good friend on mine backyards and forwards…and she has annoyed me !!! Firstly by asking what plans do i have this weekend and then she told me i should put something fun on my to do list…is it me being extra sensitive???


I find I am also hyper sensitive at the moment so try not to react or take offense too much. Most people do mean well but just get it wrong. At least they are trying.

Some folk though are just rude and don’t even try to understand - I’m not keeping contact at the moment with anyone who is making things worse for me - might connect again in the future but for now I’m just trying to protect myself as I’m just too vulnerable.
I’m trying to use people’s strengths to help me with different things. It also helps them if they feel they can do something that makes a real difference.
It’s hard to keep quiet sometimes though isn’t it


You’re not being over sensitive . If it feels like that to you , you are entitled to that feeling.
I think (who am I kidding) I know that I’m over sensitive too.

I try not to let the crass, seemingly insensitive comments hurt me. Because I know mostly they are meant well. But I just sometimes wish people would think before they speak.

How many of you are getting those comments about the nicer weather…

'Well at least the suns shining, that will make you feel better ’

How? Why? I’m still all alone. I’m still sad…

Love, hugs and strength to you all


This is our loss not theirs so we cannot expect people to understand, I have learnt to not have any expectations from others and to look after myself and meet my own needs. Loss is an emotional rollercoaster from one minute to the next and it isn’t their ride. I think you have to choose people around you that you feel comfortable with. We are all vulnerable and entitled to feel what ‘we feel’ but it’s unrealistic to expect others who have not been on this journey to know what to say or do. Obviously rude people are just that and the best response is to walk away


Sorry this was a comment/response on the thread not to you personally cathphil :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep as soon as the sun is out… the comments keep rolling… ooh the warmer weather is so healing isn’t it… it really does make you feel so much better NO it does not! The lighter the days the longer I’m alone… and wishing my OH was here with me to enjoy them… it’s Friday night even my kids are out enjoying themselves and what am I doing… sat in my PJs watching yet another episode of trash TV :cry: