What is the point.

Few beers, in local, then bed, with a bit of luck, I won’t wake up, too long to explain.

Hi Pete, just saw your post. It sounds like you are feeling very low at the moment. Please talk to someone. This is the 24/7 number for the Samaritans: 116123. Life is precious and those we loved and lost would want us to live. Jo

Thank you, just going through some bad times, just me now, I will be okay, honestly.


Cheers for replies, just had some bad news for Christmas, will have to deal with it, looking like, it’s me, with the tree for company, I will be good though, but I do appreciate, the thought shown.
Take care.

Sorry for your loss I to have lost my husband be my first xmas.without him just two dogs for company no tree or tinsel for me this year. Getting though the day will be an achievement I’m dreading it to be honest . I found the card I’m got for Jim brought it last year in sale I’m going to take it up to cemetery . Take care

Put the tree , up for Granddaughter, as much as for anyone, but my step daughter, has fallen out with the dad of Amelia ( Granddaughter), so Amelia will not be here . To add to the equation, Shells, ( my late partner) Dad passed away last Christmas day, it gets hard at times, I do have my dark periods,
Take care.

It is Shells birthday on December 20th, it doesn’t make this month, any easier.

@Pete59 I am with you. Been saying “what’s the point” for years, lost my mum and dad in the past 2 years. I haven’t found the answer to the question yet, but I am still curious.

Sorry you will be on your own for Christmas!

Not sure if anyone is interested but just had the thought that we could dial into a ‘virtual wine’ on zoom for a drink on Christmas Day! I might put a post up!

Keep you chin up Chuck xxx

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a good idea, I would probably put a post on ,on the 25th anyway.
Take care.

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