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I lost my husband, soulmate and best friend 5 weeks ago, he suffered a life ending stoke at 46yrs old. He never drunk or smoked. An extremely healthy diet and very fit. To say I’m devastated doesn’t come close.
I just don’t know how to go on, I was trying to focus on getting back to work as I am really worried about money too, but I have just found out I have no job from the end of October.
I have no children and my family live over 10hr drive away.
Just don’t know how to do this :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Hi ! I am sorry that you find yourself here on this forum as a member of a group that none of us really chose.
Losing your husband at such a young age must be absolutely devastating and on top of that losing your job and money worries too. There may be things you can do to help with the practical issues such as looking for another job now even though it’s not a good time for you while coping with your loss.
It isn’t long since I lost my wife so like you I am learning to live a new life that I absolutely hate. My wife was my best friend so I didn’t need others,again like you my family live in the North a long way away but I haven’t remained in touch so no help there.
Try take things an hour at a time,a day at a time,anything more than that is just too big a challenge at this point and keep posting on here,plenty of people on here will know exactly how you feel and do their best to help you.
I am really so sad that you are going through this,the pain of losing your loved one,the silence,lonely days and what feels like a pointless future but stick with us because we really do know what you are going through. Take care.


I would contact citizens advice about finances. Are you at least eligible for redundancy? It is hard to lose a soulmate and your job so close. I don’t know how but we do go on. I too have no children and nearest family is 4 hours away. I can’t drive now and have mobility issues so don’t go out unless with someone. It is 3 months for me and at least now I don’t cry quite so much. I am thinking of you.


So sorry for your loss, you are dealing with two major changes in your life close together and it’s about as difficult as it can get. I would definitely suggest contacting citizens advice, have work offered any support if it’s a redundancy situation?
I lost my partner on 29th June. He was my soul mate and my best friend too. I’m 39, I have no children but fortunately have family and friends around who have been great. I miss my man terribly though. He’s left such a void. I’m guessing from your username you’re based in Liverpool? I’m in Lancashire so not far away.

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Thank you, I changed jobs just over a year ago, so only due 4 wks redundancy. My husband would know exactly what to do, just can’t do this on my own, miss him so so much. Friends are great but, don’t come close to having my soul mate with me. Our lives were so full, diving, cycling, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, to name just a few hobbies. We did something nearly every day. Just can’t face doing anything without him


I really feel for you. Being retired I at least got some of his state pension. Have to wait for probate for anything from his isa or other pension. At least I know I have an income. I presume you have lost one income and are about to lose a second.

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I feel for you and am feeling the same in that I dont know how to cope. I lost my husband suddenly 5 weeks ago.

Look on the gov.uk website and apply for bereavement support payments. This may help with your financial situation.

Hi @Liverpoollass im so sorry for the loss of your soulmate and best friend. It is very early days for you but definitely check out the bereavement support payments as @Hels3 says. Its a lump sum, then monthly payments for 18 months. Do you live in Liverpool? Just take 1 day, 1 hour at a time, and take any help from friends that is offered. Xx

Bereavement support only pays out if you are pregnant or have kids and claiming child benefit. I applied 3 times because it implied I was entitled but was refused for these reasons above.

Yeah I think it’s because we weren’t married but I will look into it. Thanks

@Pudding Hi Pudding I don’t know if you have realised you can inherit an ISA in the isa form from your husband which is good .Not many building societies take it on .I found one up north dont know if I am able to mention the name on here but it’s called a Legacy Isa which might help. They have to do the transfer from the other provider .It is so good not to lose the ISA status

I have inherited my husband’s ISA and it’s for life. The Yorkshire Building Society was very helpful and did all the formality stuff for me,

Thank you. I am leaving all that to my financial advisor. He was with us for over 20 years and is now a personal friend as well as advisor.

Thanks Rosemary. I will leave all that to my financial advisor. I think I had read about inheriting the isa. I have at least 4 months as I think it has to clear probate Ali with a bind he had which definitely couldn’t just be transferred to me.

@Pudding @Rome18 @xxx
Yes I have already done mine with Skipton but thanks for the .info.I couldn’t use YBS as I already had my maximum with them but at least we all can benefit

I was told to claim this but like you I was refused because John hadn’t reached state pension age and I was already receiving my state pension. I didn’t know John had provided for me via his private pension and I got half when he passed away. But from the government I got nothing at all.