What is wrong with me

Almost two years I lost Rob. We didn’t spend all our time together as we worked opposite shifts for the sake of the kids but then when they grew up left home Rob and I made sure that out time off together was quality time and made sure we always did something .
Now I do things but not what I would call leisure things . I LOVE northern soul music and when I get the opportunity to go I want to go but then I don’t either and staying in is becoming my comfort zone , especially in the evenings or night times.

Dear @Kazzer

There is nothing wrong with you at all. This is normal. I do think we feel guilty for actually going out and enjoying ourselves. It is human nature after the loss of a loved one.

Try going out for a short time in the evenings for an hour and see how you get on and build up on this. Your partner would want you to go out and not sit at home feeling isolated and lonely. Do it for him and for you. It is hard to do the things that you did together on your own but it would be a shame for you not to continue what you both loved.

Keep us all updated. We are all behind you as we know how difficult it can be.

Take care.


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