What music moves you, and why

We all know that music has a powerful effect on us. I thought its time to have a listen to some music which brings back memories for us, and why.
I’ll start us off (Ive got a few more).

This one, apart from the fact its by one of the greatest groups ever, was a song they sang when Penny and I went to see them live. It brought tears to my eyes then, and still does now! I remember us holding hands and squeezing them all the way through. I just played it and my face must look daft. Smiling with tears
Enjoy it, enjoy the words, then why not post your own.

Hi @tykey,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community, it is such a lovely way to remember your loved one and your most cherished memories with them :blue_heart:

Take good care,

Hi Turkey,
Love the song.,Beautiful words.
I have so many songs that remind me of mum and we played them at her funeral.They are Ava Maria, Pointless by Lewis Capaldi ( it mentions all the things my don and his nan did together and how she made him a better man), Calon Lan a Welsh song and Andrea Bocelli s song called The Greatest Gift. All were so fitting for my mum.
I shall look them up tom and post some
Deborah x

Hi Tykey, what a lovely idea this is. At both my parents I had to go in with Morning Has Broken, a favourite of my Mum and Dads, and my song at the end which is so close to my heart is I,m Loving Angels by Robbie Williams, I lost my son aged 35 in March and we went into the cre with Bring Me The Horizon by Heavy Metal which was what his mates choose and I had Robbie Williams….heartbreaking but nice in a way if you know what I mean.

My song that I had played at my husband’s funeral. We both chose it, he got diagnosed with terminal cancer so we had difficult discussions about his funeral. The song is if I could be with you now by Enya. The words are so emotional it’s been 4 years since he left me I cannot bring myself to listen to it now. The words are so sad but true.

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Hi Teddy bear,
Just want to say I absolutely love that song.The words are amazing .I chose it for my mum’s funeral but changed it last minute to Pointless by Lewis Capaldi. I had Pointless as a dedication from my son who was so so close to his nan and the words were just him and her. But Enya’s song is just so lovely.
You made a great choice
Deborah x

The Cranberries - Sunday
Christy Moore - Beeswing

That was our songs, i can barely listen to either of them now nearly 6 months on

Hi Diadhuit,
It’s so hard to listen to them I agree. We love them and can’t bear to listen to them at the same time.
I have found that over the past 9 MTHS since my mum passed that I hear these songs being played or choirs singing them at random places. All strange. I expect it’s a sign maybe.
Haven’t heard the songs you posted about but will listen to them later
Deborah x

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Elvis 'cant help falling in love with you ',It was the song walked down the aisle to,and an SAFC anthem !my Husband was a massive S/land fan .I cant listen to that and Christina Perrys 'A thousand years 'I played both at his funeral :broken_heart:

Ah! Pointless. I was driving out of ASDA, and this came on the radio.
I had to pull up and have an emotional moment. Time for another emotional moment:

Hi Turkey,
Thank you for listening to it. My son was always at his nans and even though he is now 28 he used stay with her and they did loads together.She loved it when he called with on the way home here and he nearly always ended up staying there having wonderful times.Even though my mum was 89 he used to take her out for meals and to the cinema and have midnight feasts in her house where the kitchen was always open.When he found out she was ill and how serious things were he packed in a job of a lifetime in Dubai within 5 mins if being told and was with her until the end. Never left her side even through the night.The song is everything about their relationship and more. I had to include it. He is also Lewis Capaldis cameraman so a double whammy. I cry whenever I hear it as it will always mean so much to us
Agree it is definitely an emotional moment when you hear it.
Thanks for starting this feed. It sure does help to share things
Deborah x

Ive posted this one before. Penny and I went to see the Moody Blues, and when this was played, she joked “you can play this at my funeral!”
In the event, we had no funeral, but a celebration of her life in a local pub.
We played this on a screen, and I sang it to her. Everybody joined in, because we had the words on the screen. Its amazing how we all managed to sing through the tears.

@tykey hi . memories/ maroon 5 .was always on radio when we were in lockdown .whenever I got in my husband’s car it seemed to come on .he would say " I put it on especially for you darlin " I always said it would remind us of lockdown …little did I know I would be listening to it a year later at my husband’s funeral …Also Only you / The flying pickets. One of my husband’s favourites years ago . The words say it all. …two years this Sunday since he died .and still hurts so so much . Xtake carex

Aww such lovely words and calming music.
Songs are so comforting and transport you back to a moment in a flash.

Beautiful song

Deborah x

For my husband’s funeral, I chose
A thousand years by Christina Perri to walk into the crematorium - it’s such a poignant song & we both watched Twilight movies.
Olive - you’re not alone as the moment of reflection which is also so apt & we both loved dance music.
And then I chose Country Roads by the Hermes house band for him to go out to as he had listened to this on repeat play for months!!
It’s the German Party Version of country roads & hubby lived in Germany post army👍🏻
I think I made good choices for him, given we had never discussed it :blush:

Hi Nicenursenic,
What a lovely choice of songs.
Beautiful words to both.
I never discussed songs with my mum either.It was too painful but I knew which ones she liked and she and I had the same taste in music. I live in Wales and mum loved Welsh songs so of course I had to include Calon Lan which is a beautiful song and also a song sung at rugby matches.Mum was a huge rugby supporter so it was so appropriate. I can still remember the congregation singing that song with gusto. As we sat in the front pew it was like a wave of singing coming right over us. So glad we chose it for her.
Isn’t it wonderful how music helps us do so much at so many different times if our lives. I used to be a teacher and I would often play music to children to calm them in difficult circumstances and it always amazes me how music reaches out to all people.
This feed is so interesting and already I feel I have learnt so much
Thank you for sharing
Deborah x

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