what shall we do

We. Lost our son 17 years ago and since we have like everyone else had to just learn to live with the loss we have two other sons who have helped us we have helped them with the loss to start living again but the pain off that loss will never go away. Then three days ago we went to McDonalds with our three Grandchildren and while we were waiting for Our order I saw a young lad about 15 to 17 years of age also waiting for his order and with out a word of a lie he was the spitting image of our son we lost seventeen years ago not just looks but the same in his in every way I did not approach him because we were with our grandchildren and I was afraid of his reaction I mean what do you say in this instance I don’t no but I keep thinking that the young lad is some how related To our son we lost seventeen year’s ago. I did go back in there yesterday looking for some clues but he was not in there but we took a photo of our son and the girl that was cleaning the tables did say she recognised the boy from that photo and she would phone use when he was in again because he came in there once twice a week . But the reason I am writing in this community is there anybody out there who could offer advise or is there some organisation we could turn to


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