What to have written on the headstone?

I’ve got to order a headstone soon, for my husband. It’s a double plot for me to go in too, eventually, so a space will be left at the bottom for me.

This leaves me the dilemma of what to write. He was obviously a son, brother, husband, father, etc etc. However his family didn’t have much to do with him, so I’m not sure I want to include son and brother. It seems a bit mean but it’s taking up room. Also it feels false to put it in. He was however a loving husband and father and friend to all so that’s a start I guess.

What do you think? Or what have you had for your loved ones. I’ve seen some questionable ones, I don’t want grief to cloud my judgement and make me write something odd.

On a grave where my husband is buried it reads " handicapped in life, freed by death, mummy will be with you soon" ( not a child’s) I know people deal with grief differently but I’ve never seen such a statement on a headstone before.

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Hello @Kat1984, I’m so sorry for the death of your husband. I’m just giving this a gentle bump for you - hopefully someone will be along to share their thoughts.

Thank you.
I’ve had a private message to help me with ideas. I’m quite concerned I might make the wrong decision.

Maybe less is more, I do tend to over complicate things. X