What to reply and how to deal with condolences

Hi all, lost my mum in august after a long battle with pneumonia, sepsis and GI perforation.
We were told three weeks before she passed that the odds were against her. She fought hard but passed away.
We were expecting it, it give me time to wrap my head around it and I was consoled by the fact she was comfortable and surrounded by people whom she loved and who loved her
Now, when people offer condolences I don’t know how to react or reply to them.
I feel really rude because I never really know what to say.
Any ideas would be appreciated

Thank you

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Just speak from the heart… thank people for their kind words/thoughts and tell them how devastated you are. Most people find responding to death very awkward and difficult. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings, too many people put on a mask and pretend they’re fine. Nobody grieving is fine, so just be honest. Take care xx