When does it get easier

I lost my mother in May, she was my only family and I feel like my grief is just getting worse.

I just can’t imagine a time when I won’t feel sad. I’m crying several times a day and feeling very isolated from my friends etc. I have no interest in small talk and just feel like a changed person now. Just wanted to write this here to see if it helped. Understand this is a journey but I’m just drowning in it at the moment

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Hi Vll2 so sorry for the loss of your mum I too lost my mum in July and I know what you mean I think about her all day every day miss her so much,I know ive changed as a person and part of me went with my mum I carry on every day doing the things I do, I still have my dad so I’m looking after him but I feel guilty as my mum isn’t here I think we all learn to just put a brave face on but underneath we are destroyed by our loss, I know my life will never be the same now shes gone, messaging on here helps and is a comfort to know other people understand how your feeling, we are all here on this dark journey together I was told take a day at a time I guess that’s all we can do, here if you need to chat.
Lynn x

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Thanks Lynn - it has helped. And sorry for your loss X

Sorry to hear that you have lost your mum. My mum died in June this year and I am still struggling . Awful situation for us to be in but all we can do is to try and keep fighting , though it’s tough . Sending you hugs , love and strength . Take care of yourself.
Love Angie x

I too lost my Mum in July, very sudden and totally unexpected. I feel exactly the same…cry every day and constantly thinking about her and what happened, every minute of the day. Words can’t explain how much I miss her. I still don’t think I have processed it, come to terms with it or even understand what happened! The only real motivation I have is to spend time with my Dad who I see everyday and my 2 children, (20 & 16) who have been amazing but it is just such a difficult time. Both have counselling as was quite traumatic for them too. I am on waiting list for counselling so hoping that helps. Have been reading lots on here but only just managed to write something…hugs to you all