When does things get easier

I lost my dad at the end of march and I’m really struggling to come to terms with the loss. I feel so alone and isolated. Have not returned to work since. Just don’t want to face people. I need to get some normality back in my life. At the moment I feel like I’m stuck in this dark place and don’t know how to get out of it.

Hi joey
sorry for your loss I lost my partner in March and I feel the same I haven’t returned to work yet either like you say just can’t face people yet
My sister asked me the other day what I was thinking I told her I didn’t want to be here anymore I want to be with my mark although I would never take my own life I just think about it all too often it’s that dark place
I don’t ever think you can go back to normal it has to be a new you /life that’s what people keep telling me
I hope it gets easier for you as I hope it does for me
Take care

Hi Lindsay. Thank you for your reply. This is just so hard. I’m sorry for your loss. The pain hurts so much. All my family are just carrying on as normal but I just can’t get out of this dark place. Im having councilling soon so hopefully will help. Do you have any support. Take care Lindsay x

I keep following these conversations and realise we are all going through this awful pain. It seems we just have to be strong, take each day at a time and hope that gradually things will improve. Life is never going to be the same but we will need to adjust to a different life that we have been forced into. I feel for you all because I know how you must all be feeling. Katy

There is nothing normal about this life. My normality now is waking up every morning so terrified that I have to be sick. Iv decided it’s the thought of getting through another 24 hours on my own. It’s suddenly crying so hard I cant breath then feeling like none of it is real and she will be back home any minute. It’s wandering round an empty house and garden or driving going no where just to get out the house and away from the silence, then panicking and rushing home as can’t stand being out of the house.

This is normal life now and I can’t see how it will ever change. It’s nice to know we are not going through this alone but nothing will ever take this pain away x

I lost my mum she passed away on the 20th of April she was 84 ive lived all of my life with my mum im 56 year old im wandering does grieving get any better I feel like im at a standstill I cant go on its like I need a push to go on

Hello to everyone that’s asking " When does this get any better ". I lost my husband, soulmate and best friend 11 months ago. He died in a split second having never had any symptoms of illness and had never once in his 59 years visited a doctor.I found him dead minutes after suffering an aortic aneurysum. I recently asked my brother who lost his son in an accident 6 years ago when you start to feel better and the almost physical pain goes away. he said quite simply it doesn’t you just learn to live with it Im afraid he is right. Ive never given myself a second to grieve because just thinking about him makes me so sad, I don’t even allow myself to think about all the wonderful times we had together. I was advised my behaviour wasn’t normal and to get some councelling. I didn’t make it through 10 minutes as I just cant talk about him. not even to our families or friends. I know it sounds as if im dismissing his very existence but it just hurts too much. perhaps i’ll be more receptive to help in the future but at this moment its just too raw and painful