When I miss you, I …

I was tidying up my bedroom the other day and ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me’ (George Michael , Elton John) started blaring through my speaker. In this moment, the song sent me into a deep moment of reflection, I was caught in one of those dazes that happened 95% of the time during the first months after my mum died last July. The song in itself is beautiful. However, mum was obsessed with George Michael as many women her age were/are also. She loved him and his music so much. Listening to the song brought me a few minutes of pure happiness and I thought I’d share here and ask you all to fill in the following sentence.

‘When I miss you, I…’

Mine would then be
When I miss you, I listen to your favourite George Michael songs and immediately feel warm and safe inside.


Hope your doing ok x

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When I miss you, I look at photos and I watch videos, and I can’t believe that the wonderful lovely you, so vibrant and always positive, healthy and well, was here only yesterday (or so it seems) and now isn’t. :broken_heart: