When I'm struggling with my grief

When I’m struggling with my grief.I write poetry and it helps sometimes.I thought I’d share this poem because we are all going through similar situations.

Too soon to say

The pumpkins have gone

The fireworks have been let off whilst lighting up the sky

Too soon to say

Merry Christmas everyday

I wish you were here

To see how we’ve grown through the year

The memories you’ve missed

The sun sets as well.

The nights get darker on each and every day

Time will tell what happens next

I miss you,ill see you when we meet one day.


I lost my son a week ago and cried all last night . I had a panic attack in the local shop today . I know it’s only been a week but I can’t arrange a funeral because it was sudden death and feel the abyss will never go away


Im so sorry for your loss. But can understand your feelings. I lost my 39 year old son october 2020. Yes a year has passed and dont know how i have got through. Honestly i dont. I never had a funeral to go to due to family fued with his sister. I got to say goodbye to him 6 days before he passed away in the hospice. I never got to see him again The pain in my h eart hurts every day. I love him i miss him. I get through my day by just remembering how much i loved him. Its broken my heart in pieces. Good luck with your journey. I send you a virtual hug.:hugs:

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Thank you for sharing your strength with me . I am so sorry you didn’t get to go to the funeral . I was told today by a very old friend that our loved ones are always with us in our hearts and minds and the abyss gets less x

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I lost my daughter in July. Here one day gone the next without warning. We had to wait as well. So I know a bit of what you are going through. And I feel for you. I’m new to the group so not sure what else to say.