When it it time

It’s been 18 months since my husband passed, my head is in a spiral knowing it will be 2 years in July. And I haven’t got rid of any of his things, is there a right time to donate his clothes.

It’s his birthday on Saturday and our wedding anniversary the Saturday after. Which has just hit me today.

This forum has been so helpful,when he first passed xx


That’s a lot to cope with within the next few weeks, @Lesq :blue_heart: Thank you for reaching out.

I’m just giving your thread a gentle bump - hopefully someone be along to share their thoughts.

I’m sorry for your loss. If you feel it’s time to get rid of his things, then it’s the right time. But if you want to keep them, keep them as long as you need to, forever if you like, and don’t mind what others think. :heart:

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