Where did the past week go?

Today is 1 week since I lost my Mum to liver cancer. The first Monday in my life where I don’t have a Mum.

Where did the last 7 days go? I think I spent the first two days in shock and I might still be in shock now, who knows?!

My Mum was beautiful, strong and always had mischief twinkling in her eye :sparkles:
She spread laughter and happiness wherever she went and touched so many lives - way more than she ever realised.

I had a friend over this evening who also recently suffered a loss - her Dad. We talked about what an absolute privilege it was to care for them and in exactly the way they wanted because we knew them so well. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to care for my Mum as she cared for me.

Losing her is more painful than I could have ever imagined but how lucky I was to have her as my Mum :heart:


Your mum sounds amazing, and so do you. :yellow_heart:


Such a kind reply, thank you very much. I will try hard to be half the woman she was :orange_heart:


@stardust2023 The first week is a massive milestone without a loved one. You’re measuring that time without them in minutes & hours. I think it’s because you can say things like: This time last week they were still here. When you’re over that threshold, it feels different somehow. My Dad died 10 months ago today & when I woke up the day after, I thought I don’t have a Dad anymore. Time has gone really quickly but part of me has been left behind on that day. You’re right in what you say about being lucky to have them. I hope you find strength from somewhere in the coming weeks & months. Take care


@Cee Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I completely understand what you mean when you say part of you has been left behind, I feel exactly the same way. Things can never be as they were after such a great loss.


Was many years since my mum died.
But was very tough time as it is after having lost my husband.
But don’t forget ever good and bad as I wasn’t a close relationship but had to be her carer.
Even as a child.

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