Where does the LOVE go ?

I’m new here so forgive me if I don’t post in the right way
I’ve been reading lots of topics and all of the experiences and sometimes I feel I don’t know what to say when the grief is so palpable

The loss is great and I feel it and I understand it - all the cliches that people offer as a grief default

But I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels like the love was just stopped in it’s tracks
It never fizzles out like a break up or brings a closure in death - the love continues when one of you is missing ?

The love has nowhere to go anymore - just swirling around in the loss of the person who you showered all of your life and affection on -

What do you do with the feelings of love ? Where does the love go ?


I don’t think the love ever goes. It’s always here in our hearts.
I love my husband more and more each day if anything it intensifies.
When you lose the love of your life, or a parent, child or a friend, grief takes over the emotions but love will ways be there deep down inside. :heart:


The love has intensified as I’m more mature now and see what we had
I want to tell him all the time - I know he went loving me I wish I could tell him I know x


He knows :heart:

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@Debbie57 Thankyou that’s so wonderful :heart:


It definitely does not go. Or at least that’s what I believe. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It transcends time and space.

Whether you believe in the ever lasting soul or not consider this: a scientist will tell you according to thr laws of physics that the bundle of energy that was our loved one(s) can never be dissipated. It lives on in some way. With faith or without it there is continuity.

As long as they live on in our memories and actions then our loved ones will still walk alongside us.


Dear Ryan,

Your words are what I so needed to see… it is thirteen months since my love left and the pain is even worse…
sending you hugs…


Hey @Beetango no problems it’s what I truly believe. I realise not everyone will believe the same.

@Ryan82 That is exactly what I was just about to post about ! I know it’s controversial and it’s something I have seriously thought about when thinking of mediums and the otherside* (massive apologies to anyone who may be offended - but I’m genuinely curious ) about the synchronicities and things and energies I keep feeling and finding

Much love to you all

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@Cas2 - hello, I know what you mean about the love that remains, with no where to go. I feel so full of love for my husband, T - he died in January. I release it through talking to him - every day. A lot at night. Telling him I miss him, telling him things that I see that he would like, asking him, over and over and over again, to come home. He can’t, of course, but in case he stops by, I want him to hear and know that I am still here, in love with him. The love does not stop, the love rolls forward, and always will. Hold tight, keep loving x

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Thankyou @Vancouver it sometimes feels like the memories fade - like when you remember childhood things, they are memories but they fade into fragmented versions and that’s a scary thought