Where has the year gone

Its was 12 month yesterday that Alan died I went to scatter his ashes in a place we used to go I got up early just how I remember it all the time spent there with the dogs that have now long sins gone I thought I would be sad but I wasn’t I still have some of his ashes thay will go on a beach in north wales when it’s open again I wanted to do it yesterday but that was not possible. One year on the first year with out him I don’t know how I’m still here or y but I am the numbness is still there the Hart ake I have moved just stuck well things drift by around me I try and catch hold to them sometimes to move with them I never semes to manage it. It’s the loneliness that the worst missing that connectshon I just feel melancholy to day sorry for sharing all this I just felt like telling someone thank you for listening


I lost Peter in December 2019 and since then I find time means nothing. I agree with you that we just drift along. I get anxious if I have business or jobs to attend to but if I’ve nothing to do the day is endless. Peter’s ashes are in an eco box because he loved any body of water and I plan to put them somewhere he loved. We were motorhomers so there are lots to choose from. I’m not ready yet.
Take care

I lost my husband and my whole world in December 2018, he was only 43. and I still feel so lost and heartbroken all the time. I cry all the time, I just miss him so much and feel so alone especially during lockdown. I am yet to scatter his ashes as I can’t bear to do so yet. I miss him all the time.

Hi Rebecca, it makes me sad that you have posted after a year, and still feel so unhappy. Lockdown must have made things worse because it stops you from keeping busy. All I can say is that I hope that things will get a bit better for you in the future.

Condolences to @Cj13 and @Linda2 as well - so many people sadly suffering from so much pain.

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