Where is he?


I have been struggling the last few days so thought I’d see if anyone had any thoughts?

I’ve always liked to believe that this life isn’t it and we do go elsewhere & are reunited, but I went to a couple of mediums (against family advice) & I felt there was a lot of guessing, some things made sense but other stuff said I know they didn’t come from my husband, it’s left me thinking that my husband isn’t anywhere, he’s gone, I won’t see him again, he won’t be collecting me when I die etc… it feels like I’m back to day 1 again feeling like I’m grieving the loss all over again, it makes no sense to me that this life is all there us? The fact that both mediums were guessing has really made me confused, I wish I hadn’t gone that way I would have my origionals beliefs intact! Has anyone else felt like I do today?

I certainly believe that there is a life beyond our present existence. My personal view of mediums is that they use tricks off their trade to make a living. I have not had the time or patience to read this item, but I suspect the word fraud is mentioned again and again. You could also do your own research re mediums and science. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediumship
I realise that hundreds of people have found comfort from mediums and that’s wonderful for them.
Flower_garden, Hold onto what makes you feel good. And what give you comfort and hope. I personally believe I will see my loved ones again in some form.

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Hello Flower_Garden,
I would imagine that you visited someone who was pretending to be a medium, a charlatan.
Our son went to a medium shortly after his dad died and he was amazed at the detail which was given to him, I firmly believe that Stan is watching over his family. x

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It a lovely to think our loved ones are watching over us. I speak to my Mum, as if she can hear me. I tell her the news.

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Hi I have been the same hoping to hear from from my partner I have read that you should not go to a medium for at least six to 12 months after a close loved one has passed away but advise a spiritual church my best friend went to see a medium a few days after my nigel passed away nothing to do with him its something she has always done for years and received a message for me there were things that were uncanny and things only I knew
I think there is something but not sure what
My Nigel passed away last November unexpectedly I am trying to hold on longer before I book a one to one with this medium
Take carek

I tell myself he’s gone away. I don’t know where, but I know he’ll never return. If there is something beyond this, I I truly do not know. I won’t have any answers until my time comes. He has not been in my dreams, which is very sad. I sometimes hear his voice in my mind - but I think it’s just echoes, and many times it is very painful and drops me to my knees. I try to believe that he is still with me, but I can’t. It feels as if I’m deluding myself. I have my memories of him and all that we shared and learned together. I am learning to give thanks for the the time we had . He’s gone and I don’t know if I’ll ever find him again - time will tell

I also hope there is something else and that he is waiting for me, I have got myself into such a state of thinking that’s it, I’m never going to see him again and can’t think like that ,. The trouble is when you sit and think I can’t help the thoughts going over in my mind, it can’t be it, I can’t go through my life without him anyway, let alone not being together when it’s my time.
I always look for signs and hoping he’s with me and there’s nothing, I have dreamed of him but that’s it.
I was thinking of going to see a medium, but they say a lot of general things that can mean a lot to a lot of people, and because we are in deep grief we cling on to every little thing, unless they say something that no one else knows like our nicknames for instance, then I might believe.
It’s so hard that our happy life comes to an end in a blink of an eye and we’re just hoping and praying that we will meet again, just can’t go through life with that thought.
Steph x

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