Where is my mum

For over 7 years I’ve been torturing myself wondering where my mum actually is. I need to know I know it’s crazy but I don’t believe my mum is In heaven even he’ll. these places do not exist. I have a theory as to where my mum is and it’s a sound one.
It’s tearing me apart I can’t bear it. I think I’ve been tortured enough but I need definite answers not theories and I can’t rest until I get the one answer I want so much. I need my mum

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Hello Steven, I’m sorry to hear you’re in so much pain even after all those years. I’m interested in your opinion. Where do you think we go when we die?

Hello Peter
I might be wrong and this sounds crazy but I think that we don’t really die and that we get taken by extra terrestrials to a planet where there’s a puddle in water our loved ones can look through to see us and be there for us until the day comes when humanity is technologically advanced enough to see our loved ones.
I know it sounds fantastic and unbelievable but for some reason I’ve had this belief since I lost my mum. It just came upon me not long after
Where do you think our loved ones go?


I’m sort of with you on this, after someone has been with you all that time,and you expected them to be with you always, we cannot comprehend the fact that they are gone.
If they are not with us they must be somewhere, my wifes sister,who used to be a sunday school teacher,said that my wife was all around us, in the wind and the trees, not being religious this was not an acceptable concept to me.
I do believe in something but what that something is I don’t know, all I know is that my wife,Joan, could not have lived her life then just disappear with hardly a trace left that she existed, do our loved ones live on within our minds?
These thoughts have puzzled people forever, our people are wherever you want them to be until its our turn to find out the truth.
Best wishes.

Hello bootsje.
I believe as humans we have to question is death actually real? It’s a reasonable question to ask and as yet no one has answered it because no one knows not even our great scientists know the answer.
I believe the only people know the answer are the extra terrestrials their technology is way more advanced and I believe they conquered death and they put this puddle in water on their planet to help our loved ones see us the only thing is we can’t see them. All I know is it gets me through each day and I can be close to my mum it’s an amazing comfort.

I meant to say something happened in human history. That everything we believe regarding on our history through the ages is all lies which would explain why us as humans belief death is real

i want to believe in a block universe, where the past, present and the future is equally real and taking place simultaneously. this means our mums and dads still live in their respective time frame. they are living out their lives from moment of birth to their death for an observer who can travel to the past and the future. this rules our free will and god but it does, arguably, adhere to the fundamental laws of classical and quantum physics.

It’s interesting what you have put forward I think it’s a complicated view. Mine is simplistic and possible I believe it to be true. I honestly don’t know how I arrived at my opinion it just happened not long after I lost my mum
The belief I hold I think gives all of us comfort to deal with our grief. Though many may not believe my view which is understandable but I think as humans there is evidence we can examine. There is a television programme called ancient aliens which backs up my other belief that humans are seeded from extra terrestrials amongst other beliefs I don’t want to get away from what I have originally posted on here but I do think it’s linked

Your views are just as valid as any out there. Some believe in heaven/hell, reincarnation, multiverse, and oblivion. Not a single view has been scientifically proven nor disproven. I hope you can find some peace of mind sharing on this forum. Take care Steven.

Nobody has come back to tell us what happens after we die, when we go ourselves we will know for sure, any opinion on this matter is valid, my girl , I feel, is with me, she must be because I talk to her every day?

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Peter call me Steve

alright steve

Aww that’s so nice I talk to my mum about everything my life my stressful job. I just wish I could see her face tell her I love her I hate how that has been taken away from me robbed is better word.