Where to go alone

What ideas have you come up with of things to do alone now ?
I am not a stranger to it as have always done some things on my own anyway but the things we used to do together I find scarey now and although I can go to some of the places it is hard getting used to being on my own.
It is better than staying at home and not as bad as I feared but it has taken a huge amount of courage to go alone.i don’t have friends to go with easily as we used to go together. I am not very confident these days like when I was younger just inviting someone because it has to be at short notice and people make excuses which then I feel so rejected. It is stupid obviously but I am now over sensitive.
With no back up to fall back on.


I went to our local music venue on my own. Hubby had booked 2 tickets, and i dont have close friends to ask. That was really tough, and i nearly had a panic attack. Then the lights went down and i was in a little cocoon… i’ve done it once, now i can do it again.

Its hard on your own, but we have to keep trying. My next step will be a holiday in Wales on my own.

Like you would live to know what orhers do.

I haven’t been on a holiday entirely on my own yet but last year my son and grandson came to the Gower with me for a long weekend and I was left in the cottage we booked alone during the week and my son came back for me Friday evening and he went on a hike while I walked to the end of Rossilli Bay and sat in the bar overlooking the view to wait for him. He stayed overnight and we walked over to Pobbles Bay before going back home. I keep looking at going to a very nearby few days to an inland holiday destination alone but it is hard to get enough information to know how I can cope. It is like getting blood out of a stone. Booking is online and that always flaws me. Telephone lines with long wait and I get timed out. I wish we had the old fashioned way of booking at a travel agency where they did it all for you

Oh yes, online booking is a nightmare. I’m trying to unwind a booking my husband made for us to Sicily in September. When I finally got to speak to someone about changing to just me, i was told that would be really difficult. I think they wanted me to cancel.

Its a tour you stay in a couple of different hotels. There is a tour guide and coach excursions every day.

Whats difficult I wanted to ask. Just take Jims name off everything, reduce the number on the trip, and tell me what the single supplement will be. Simples!!

If that doesn’t work, then I’m thinking of looking at one of the Solo travellers holidays. Has anyone tried them?

It can’t just be me that finds everything is geared up to 2 people. So many things I might like to do, and it is so much per person based on 2 sharing. I know it’s business, but it feels rather insensitive. I have looked at a few solo trips, but they seem expensive. One trip I looked at, the single supplement, i.e. for a single room, was the same price as a double room for 2.


Oh I find that too, that many things are set up for 2 people. I’m new to all this though because I only lost my husband in January this year. There must be a way to tracel without it costing the earth. I’m keen to go still travel, and enjoy it for the both of us.

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I started off going on coach day excursions, then booked a weekend and now booked a week at Xmas (this one with a friend), in 3wks I go on a cruise (again this one with a friend) with the idea of doing a solo cruise next year. Cruising is safe and you meet many people. I go walking with a group and I am working 30hrs a week so it’s enough to keep me going. Once you have done something once it builds confidence to carry on. I am learning to enjoy my own company now so being alone is getting a bit easier…there are a few solo travel sites on fbook that don’t charge supplements but I haven’t found the need to use them. I enjoy the coach trips as I feel safer with people than wondering round on my own as my sense of direction is appalling :see_no_evil:

I’d booked to go on a Saga cruise with my mum the end of June but she died in January. I phoned them and they were really nice about it. They just divided the cost by 2 and didn’t charge any extra for single supplement.

It’s a bit mean the company your husband used being awkward. I can’t see why it’s difficult to change your booking to a single, hope it all works out ok for you. xx

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I used to go on holiday abroad on my own twenty years ago because my husband didn’t want the same type holiday all the time. When we went together it was difficult as he wanted coach trips not fussy where they went. But I couldn’t paint then because it was all seated on the coach too long and stop somewhere I didn’t want to go to with a queue for ladies and too much sitting down.
I did put up with them at one time. I used to go abroad with no single supplement and nothing organised included.
I would go on local buses
and walk and paint on the beach to my heart’s content. It was lonely at times. Sometimes there were others on their own and could chat.
However, at my age it is difficult as I have lost my confidence since my husband died 18 month’s ago. So went to Butlins with my son and two of my grandchildren for a long weekend.
The kids loved it as they were only 7 and 4.
Made me laugh. Nice to play crazy golf with them and see them on the beach and funfair.
I had sometime to myself.


I feel exactly the same. Places we used to go together are very hard to go to now. I go to the garden centre, which I used to go on my own before my partner died but now I stop for coffee or lunch sometimes. It does take courage but it gets easier the more often you do things. I also go to a small cafe locally and after a while I get to know more people - you will find quite a few people on their own. I occasionally meet a friend for coffee. I am much less confident as I was when younger (l am 75) so I have to force myself out of my confort zone. I never invite friends home as I too hate rejection so wait until they turn up - which is not often. - although I do see people in my village and a friend phones but it is not the same as having company at home. Also when I do go to places on my own I have to go home to an empty house, which I hate. It has become a very lonely life which I find unbearable at times - lots of tears.


I have been to a garden centre a few times, but i don’t find such joy in wandering on my own. I have not yet had the courage to go for coffee or lunch out. Yes, it is hard coming home to an empty house.
Sending you hugs.


I don’t mind eating on my own as used to do that at work years ago.
As long as I have something to do there.
It is the driving very far I find really stressful on my own although again 20 years ago was different.
Sometimes I treat myself to a taxi one way rather than hang around alone forever waiting for a bus.
My son tel and wanted me to drive to his allotment 9 miles away late afternoon but I was too tired after weeding my own garden and after the covid booster jab and having to start on low dose statins. I am trying to pace myself rather than boom and bust.
It is very interesting hearing tips on how to do it.
There is a garden centre up the road with a very expensive cafe. Occasionally I go there if I want something. It is nice to look round.
I think it is cheaper in the pub to sit outside and have half a lime and soda. Good if there are other people’s dogs that come over.
Breaks up walking to the churchyard where my husband is buried. I like going in the parish church on my own to light a candle and be quiet. Put a prayer on the tree.


Steve died 29th February. We planed to go to spain to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. I have come on my own. Its somewhere we came to many times so there are lots of memories here. We did everything together. Steve was not a man to go to the pub on his own. We went together every weekend. After retirement we spent almos24 7 together. He met up with friends once a month and his brother once every 4 weeks. I met with friends occasionally and we had friends and family to stay with us. So me being on my own is strange. Mostly duri g the day sight seeing and walking is fine. But sometimes i feel a stone in my chest and pressure in my head the tears can not be held back. Because in this beautiful place with the sun shining and all the couples and families having fun makes me feel more lonely than i have ever been in my life. I go back to the hotel and shut myself in my room for a while. I try to breath through it.


Going away for an anniversary is such a brave thing to do. You should be so proud of yourself.

Sending you big hugs.