White feathers are they a sign?

I posted last night. Strangely I was on Facebook watching comedy sketches then this advert for Sue Ryder bereavement was shown. It struck me I had been building up inside with all of this emotion and that I was not alone. The grief strikes at regular odd moments. Whilst laughing at sketches I was internally tied up
I’m knots. 2 people posted a reply. Lynn and Cheryl. It’s strange to get a reply from someone who is also in knots. You want to help, but you yourself are sinking in this quagmire of anguish. I did reply. I felt I should. They had been kind enough to reach out to me. Their comments echoed mine. Lost and yet hopeful for a sign.

Tonight again out of the blue I wax struck with a huge sense of loss. I went outside for a while and talked to my beloved mum who I miss so very much. I told her how much I felt this pain, and that I miss her so very much and love her so very much. It’s hard to know how to be. I could have screamed and shouted the very same. But I was silent and cried quietly. Still crying and talking to Her went into the kitchen and stood in a half light. I saw something on the floor which I thought was a bit of paper and I reached to put into the bin.instead i found it was a white feather. I was quite shocked as a feather was out of place in the kitchen. Had it come from a feather pillow? I don’t know. It was. The side of the kitchen far from the laundry. I hope it was my mum. I hope she was telling me she was close and that she lives me .


Hi Penny

I’m glad you got a sign and felt some comfort from it.


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The day my husband died, I had washing out on the line, when I brought it in there was a single white feather in the hood of his coat I hang on to that and the belief that he sent me something to tell me he was okay xx

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That’s beautiful x

I felt so very connected when I saw the white feather. I have only ever read about these things and never seen anything like it before. Half of me wondered if it fell out of a pillow?
The other half feels that that might not be so logical.

Since my mum passed I feel quite desperate to communicate with her.

In a way I wish that I could find peace, and accept the loss, but I feel that she is still around and I want to connect with her.

I don;t know if anyone else feels like this?


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Hi penny I to so want to connect to my mum I look for signs every day, I’ve had things happen when mum first passed away me and my brother were at mum’s and the TV remote wouldn’t work I changed the batteries and it was ok, didn’t think too much of it, a few days after that my daughter and myself were sorting mums clothes out and deciding what she could wear for the chapel of rest we had been in the bedroom since 09.30 when I next looked at the clock on the wall it said 10.00 I thought we’d been in there longer so I looked at the bed side clock and it said 10.14 so the clock on the wall had stopped at 10.00 my mum passed away on the 10th July??? Not sure if it’s a sign!!! Then the night before mums funeral we were in the garden at my house doing some hand bouquets for family members to put in with the coffin ( my daughter had done all the other funeral flowers too) I have a old pair of boots outside the patio doors on the garden but that night never noticed anything about them until a couple of days after mums funeral I went outside to get them and one had quite a number of the red pebbles from the garden in it the other one had about 10 in it, we still don’t know to this day how they got in there, if my two daughters hadn’t been there at the time myself and other people would have thought I was going mad but they were there to witness it, the last thing was one morning I woke at 06.00 and thought I’d not get up just yet I must have gone off to sleep because I woke when I clearly heard my mum say my name, it was as if she would have been standing in the room I just lay there , looked at the clock it was 06.35 I had been asleep but I hadn’t been dreaming of anything, really strange, I’ve had nothing since but long for something any time.
Lynn x


Hello Penny,

Sorry to hear you have lost your mother, I lost my mother in March and feel devastated lost and alone now as I was so close to her. It was interesting to read about the signs you have. I have had a few signs which can come in many forms. It is the signs that bring me comfort knowing my mother is spiritually near me, just on another dimension where we all go when we pass over.

If the white feather appeared it would seen that this is possibly the sign your mother would send to you to let you know she is close by and thinking of you. Take care Lind13

I know how u feel, I miss my mam so much. Desperate for any sign or any communication with her but nothings happened :pensive: a couple of “visitation” dreams earlier on in the year but nothing since. No feathers no other signs. When she passed in March for a while I might of felt her round me but lately I just feel nothing but emptiness nothing . It’s awful xx