Why am I numb?

It’s been 6 months since I lost my son, he was 25. There was no warning, he just went to bed and never woke up. He lived at home and was very much my best friend - I went through all different emotions from anger to complete heart broken to guilt, yet for the past month I’m just numb, no feelings, I see him in my future, I believe he’l be back. I know I’m in denial has anyone else had this?
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I lost my son 6 months ago, aged 35, drugs overdose. I feel numb about most things, got a very quick temper and have no feelings. This sounds awful but I don’t actually care about anything and have got a really bad attitude on me at the moment, I know I have changed so much. This is what this hell does to us. Not sure if this helps you or not sorry xx

There never seem to be any reaso why these things happen, lost my son aged 47 .He had to fight the disability he was born with , getting to walk at nearly 3 , getting to speak , doing so well at independence. Then all of a sudden pains in hips etc , which stopped his walking , diagnosed with secondary Bone Cancer died within 3 months…
Never smoked, Never drank, hardly ate red meat? No answers

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I get this. My daughter died 12 weeks ago, not directly drugs but it had been an issue. Her death was very traumatic, and I was with her. I felt forced back to work after 8 weeks, paid sick leave running out and I spent all my savings on her funeral so absolutely no choice, which I really resent. Find concentration difficult and I am not at proper capacity. My boss is being sympathetic but I know that won’t last forever and I will need to pull my weight, but all I want is to be left alone, I really don’t care about anyone or anything. I like to be outside, I sit on the back doorstep with a coffee and just think about her. I rarely cry, and everyone says I’m so strong, but it’s just a mask, inside I’m broken and angry. I guess that’s normal, but people who are not i. this situation will never understand