Why can’t I hear your voice

I find that no matter how hard I try I cannot hear the voice of my partner. It really upsets me that I cannot. Has anyone else experienced this?


@SSTC22 dear SSTC22 I haven’t experienced that. Though when I hear my partners voice its replaying a conversation where she said she thought it was the beginning of the end and she didn’t want me to go through that and I told her it wasn’t and she would be ok. 3 weeks later she was gone cardiac arrest. I’m so very sorry for your loss and the heartbreaking pain you are going through. I hope you have support around you. I know it feels like you are alone but you are not we are here with you and you will find support here. Take care sending hugs xxx

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Hi @SSTC22, yes I have experienced that. My sister died around the same time as my husband I can hear her voice in my head as if she was standing near me. But my husband’s the man I spent my life with I have to really concentrate to hear him. Sometimes I have to watch family videos to hear him and I haven’t forgotten his voice it’s just my mind playing tricks.

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Hello there,
I’m so sorry for your loss.
I lost my partner very suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2021 and although I have many videos of him speaking on my phone, I feel very upset because I just feel he has been snatched away.
On here people keep saying they can hear their partners voice and feel their presence, I feel absolutely nothing like that.
Pete and I had such a strong bond and were inseparable, we made a promise to each other that if anything happened to one of us that if there was any way possible we would send a sign, but nothing has happened!
I feel a little jealous when people say they can feel their loved one around them and guiding them.
I talk to his photos and ashes and plead with him to let me know he is okay.
I know he would have been so angry to have to leave when he did, we hat so many plans for our future.

Life just feels so unfair, he was the kindest most loving man and did not deserve to die when he was in the prime of his life.
I just hate my life without him and wish I could be wherever he is.



I know how you feel as I loved my husbands voice. Suddenly I remembered that I had him talking on a couple of videos on my iPad!
Check with friends and family who could have your hubby on video on one if their devices.
Hearing him again brings me such comfort.


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Oh dear me yes. I can no longer remember my husband’s voice and that distresses me so much. As the years go by he is further away and I cannot bear it. My heart cries inside at all sorts of times. I just want to be with him.

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Muldool, I feel exactly like you. I keep asking for a sign but nothing. I did go to a medium, and although she said a few things which resonated (she told me he died on 6 March, which he did!) it brought me no peace at all.

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Hi Shaz,
Thank you for your reply, and I’m sorry for your loss and that you are in the same position as me I think when you feel like we do it makes things so much more difficult.
When people have faith it must make it a little easier, I just feel completely robbed and will never believe that, “he is at peace”, or God only takes the good ones!!
It actually makes me very angry when people say these things to me.

Pete was such a wonderful and kind man who did not deserve to have his life snatched away, he constantly told me how happy and lucky he was, he had just retired and we only found each other 6 years ago, he has 2 beautiful granddaughters only 3 and 1 when he died and he was so looking for to enjoying the rest of his life after working so hard until he retired.
There is no way in this world he would be at peace, he would be livid!

If there was any way he could give me a sign I know he would have done it because he would not be able to stand seeing me so distraught.
How can there be so many evil people in this world, and so much suffering, its a very unfair system!
No matter how hard I try, I can’t get my head around it.
Sorry for my rambling!
Sending love.

Hi Muldool,
I feel the same as you. I feel cheated that my husband was taken away from me four months ago. Although I do have family, the majority of time I do spend alone and that I find unbearable. Something I don’t think I will ever get used to. I like so many of us on here will never stop missing my husband … he was my life. I also ask for a sign but nothing materialises. People tell me that he is around me (as they do) but I don’t feel him. It also galls me that the amount of people in this world who do atrocious things seem to live long lives and the good poeople are taken early. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Take care. X

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Thank you for your reply, I know just how you feel, I miss Pete so very much, he was my world…
Life can be so cruel and unfair.
Sending hugs

My wife recorded her journey with cancer on Tik Tok, it’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time .

I have her forever on there

Search Mandynic1 if you want to see her journey

Hi Muldool. I feel the same. It’s hard facing each day knowing what we have lost and desperately wanting our lives back knowing it will never be the same. I’m lying hear thinking about the ironing and saying why bother what’s the point x


Hi Nel

I second what you have said. Why bother there is no point anymore without our loved one. Nothing is or will ever be the same.

Take care.x