Why do i feel alone even if I have company

I feel so alone even if I have company I’m thinking of my past life with jim now he’s gone I feel so sad all the time. I put a different face on when with other people because I’m scared if they see me crying they won’t want to visit and then I see no one. My life is finished I’m dreading xmas and just had Jim’s birthday to get though how do I get over this awful feeling I have 24/7. I sit with Jim’s photo and candle to look at wishing he was here with me to talk to. What’s the bloody point of it all


Misprint, I know how sad and heartbroken you are, that’s because you are not alone,there’s lots of us feeling just the same.
We put on that brave face for others but it’s different when we are on our own. Try to see us all wishing each other a better tomorrow because we all do. Life goes on whether we want it to or not. My way of getting through is keeping busy even when I really don’t want to, it helps. That’s why I am answering you at 6.20 in the evening, better than thinking. Took hope and blessings from me to you. S xx

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Thanks susie123 I’m just going through Jim’s photos on phone it’s so sad :sleepy: I’m heartbroken . :broken_heart: why did this happen . He did not deserve that.

I don’t think any of our loved ones deserve to go but I personally think there’s a time when our time comes. We didn’t think that it would or was going happen but there wasn’t anything anyone could do to save him, he just had to go. Yes, heartbroken and life has been so very different to what we had planned but I have to keep going and so will you. Birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries are bad and no matter how I plan things it doesn’t make them any better.
You will get there, where ever is but life does improve, we learn to live with it, like back ache, always there and sometimes it hurts more than others but honestly it doesn’t go away WHY, because they are part of us, part of our being. They will never leave us, photos or not, they are always there.
Take a deep breath. S xx

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That’s all so true Susie. “Life goes on whether we want it to or not” Thank you.
I does help to know others truly understand.
Thinking of you Misprint, I hope you feel even slightly better very soon xx

It all seems pointless like you say I love trawling through our photos I have an eight second clip on the phone which is so precious with us both laughing, how can it be, our life gone in an instance and me sat alone wondering how I’m going to live without my lovely husband, my best friend and the best part of me, thinking of you lots hugs xx

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