why do I feel so alone

hey everyone I hope yous all are well,

My name Is Angel Maree, Ive decided to finally reach out. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this pain.

The last couple months have been a rollercoaster ride.
I’ve been feeling so emotionally, mentally, physically drained, trying to stay strong and hold on.
my soul won’t stop aching, weeping feeling of complete loneliness, my emotions have been running a marathon. my brain is so empty and confused,
I feel this way mostly at nigh, and only some days…
I’ve tried reaching out to my family for their support or just to be in my presence, as I’ve been feeling so lonely and isolated I’ve begged, I’ve prayed just for someone to understand or hear what I’m going through… No one cares how much I’m hurting,
I am trapped in this big world feeling all alone… I feel crazy for even trying to reach out.

my whole life I’ve been pushed to the curve… I’ve felt the pain of neglection also I have felt unwanted. I really wish I knew how to help theses tears from falling, my heart from aching…
I wish I had the words to explain this numbness that I’ve been hiding for too long I can’t deal with theses feelings…

I just want all the pain gone…


Hello @Archangelmaree,

I’m so sorry to read you are in a lot of pain. It sounds like things have been really difficult the past couple of months.

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for sharing so honestly and to let you know there is lots of other support out there. I would really encourage you to speak to someone about how you are feeling. The following website might help you find support services closer to home: https://help.befrienders.org/

You deserve care and support, @Archangelmaree - keep on reaching out.

Take care,

Hi there. Im so sorry for your loss and everything else youve been through. Dont feel alone as you are among friends here. Whilst its online there’s so much support here and though my circumstances and everyone else’s may be different, we all share some common emotions. I lost my partner on the 27th of April… the only person whose ever really accepted me warts and all. You are stronger than you think… you must be to have gone through all this already. Xx

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You are definitely not alone on this site. I have found it a godsend since I lost my son aged 35 back in March. This is the only place people actually understand how you feel and you can honestly say how you feel. I spent all day Thursday and Friday crying….again. I have that feeling of being alone, and it is scary, and makes you anxious. It’s tiny steps for us all. Have you got a good friend you can talk to. That could help but I’ve found my best friend doesn’t get it and thinks I should be ok🤷‍♀️. Take care and keep talking on here, it really does help xx

I lost my gorgeous fantastic beautiful wife sue on the 1st February this year due to pancreatic cancer .one of sues close friends has completely blanked me since sues final journey so it shows me that this is when you find out who cares about you.sues family are really supportive and keeping me going when i feel so down .my stepson dave and aderlaide family have seen me crying and having the shakes and crying my eyes out and they tell me not to bottle it up and release it when I need

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I’m so sorry for your loss but good to hear you have support and are able to let your emotions out. It’s no good keeping emotions bottled up. This site is my lifeline. I’ve got my sons inquest Thursday, I e really been dreading it but thought today…why…it won’t change anything apart from what the coroner decides, I e had the worst day of my life finding my son


Mjg were all here for you .big hugs and thinking of you this week

I completely understand how you are feeling. I recently lost my husband and the lost feeling is unbearable. I can cope for a few hours and then the pain comes rushing in. I just keep telling myself that things will get better but you are not alone. This is the first time I have reached out because I cannot bottle this up anymore. Take care


Thank you for your kind words

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You’re certainly not alone with those awful feelings. I’ve had friends disappear now. Nobody knows how it feels until you go through this. Lost my husband nearly 6 months ago and feel worse than ever. I’m getting a real brain fog. Forgetting people’s names etc. Someone said i was away with the fairies. !! I just want to know when does it end. I’m thinking of moving but can’t make a decision at the moment. Just don’t know what the future holds. Anything has got to be better than this emptiness. Take care.

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