Why do they keep us waiting?

l am appalled that despite current technology, l am still waiting for replies from different agencies and yet l haven’t had the courtesy of a reply.
lm into 6 months since Hubby died and am still waiting for a conclusion. Dont they realise the trauma we are going through and ignoring us, till they can drag their arse into gear, is more upsetting than one can imagine.
Short of getting nasty in my communications what else can l do?


Hi @Lotswife, I’m so sorry you’ve been left waiting. I’m just giving your thread a gentle bump for you.

Yes it is horrible waiting to sort out things after someone dies I am too.I am putting pressure on the most urgent but have decided to ignore some of the less essential otherwise it’s too stressful Take care of yourself first These things will eventually resolve themselves if you have done everything you can.