Why do they say times a healer ?? I miss my dad

It only feels like yesterday that I lost my dad, I do my upnost to put on a brave face… show the world I’m okay, but sometimes it all just gets to much. I feel I have to keep my game face on. I know I’m not ready to sit and talk to someone about it all yet… as that’s reality. However I just feel so lost, trapped in this persona that everyone expects me to have.

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Hi. Elizabethr. Yes, we hold the persona, the mask, up to our face and it has a smile on it, but behind is a person in tears and grief. We do it so as to not make others miserable and to try and prove to ourselves we are ok when we know we are not. Emotions need expression not suppression.
You feel trapped in the persona that everyone expects you to have. But very few know the pain. Although bereavement is universal we tend to hide away from it when not involved. We hardly ever face it even when someone we are friends with has a loss.
It does come home when it’s us. Talking to a counsellor or someone who has suffered bereavement and is aware of how you feel can help a lot, especially when you can release emotions.
I don’t know how long ago you lost your dad, but there is no time limit to grief, neither is there a pattern that must be followed. Everyone copes in their own way.
Talk to us on here if you want to unload. We all understand only too well. Take care.

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