Why do we keep saying " another day.."

It is not just another day to get through, it is the rest of our life to get through without our partner by our side…Yes another lonely and empty day, if only this was a test that if we pass, our prize will be waiting on us to collect, our partner is our prize, our prized possession, and just a short reach away… My reality is hitting me hard as I type,I still cant belive he is gone, never to ever see him again…I have too move on, I have to now make a future new life for myself, I dont want to be doing this, I like the rest of you just want to continue with my life as before, the life that I knew, the life that was sailing along nicely…Yes our-my, future is now frightening…even if it turns out well, it will never be what I want…and why of why has my partner Richard been so deprived of it? it should have been the two of us forever…



I feel your pain Jackie. But unfortunately there is no ‘forever’ in anything. Everything comes into being and ceases to be. I am not being morbid, it’s a fact. We never seem to be able to come to terms with death because we don’t come to terms with life. We accept life but run away from death, which is all part of life.
I honestly believe that acceptance is the answer to how we feel. We flog ourselves endlessly with memories, regrets and ‘what if’s’.
Anxiety always has its root in fear. Fear of the future without a loved one, fear of this and that. We can always find something to be afraid of if we look hard enough!
I know how difficult it is to accept, but what’s the alternative?
You may not realise it but you are brave lady. You are in pain and your physical problems don’t help, but you bear up exceedingly well.
But the courage you have will see you through as will your love for Richard. Would he want you to suffer? Bless you. Hugs.


I finding it very hard at the moment. Its been four months since my husband died we were married 46 years It was so unexpected. I have a loving caring daughter but i am trying to hold it together for her. I have always been a strong person and coped well with things but this has knocked me for six.To make it worse i had a hip operation eight months ago and i am not very mobile. We have no transport now and lm feeing down. Sorry about this rant i know it will get better love to you all

Oh yes the not being able to get around, out and about, me with my MS, no car, so remote where I live, Simpson, I see you are in a similar predicament…I am guessing you were the same as me, we both relied on our hubby doing all the driving…

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