Why have i stopped crying ?

Its been 11 days since i lost my beloved mum , the first week i cried so much i thought id stop breathing and my heart physically hurt , the last days though have been a blur of sorting funeral arrangements , sorting my mums little bungalow ready to hand back amongst other things , but now i feel numb i think . Ive not cried for a few days and i feel so guilty for that , my mum and i were so close , together every day , calls and messages , so why have i stopped crying and just going on day to day ? When i think about her theres a hollow pit in my stomach , but still no tears . It makes me feel so awful .


Sorry for your loss :heart:

You may be in a little shock or it may be your mind trying to protect you. Please don’t feel guilty, grief is hard and you’ll feel an array of emotions over the coming months.
Sending love and hugs xx

Hi Tottie
I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my mum suddenly and unexpectedly, we found her dead at home and she wasnt even poorly. The shock was horrific and for the first two weeks i had terrible anxiety, shock and disbelief. But i had to organise everything, the funeral and her house and im still barely started with sorting her stuff in her house. I felt like you and worried that i wasnt grieving. However its so different for everyone which is why i find this group so helpful. There is no right or wrong way, its still so early for you. Im 14 weeks in now and the last few days have been full of tears. Just let it be, and dont judge yourself. There is no right or wrong. And i think shock is the biggest factor for most people and that can overide other emotions. Just be kind to yourself x

You are in shock. When i lost my son amd had to leave him in the hospital chapel i asked a nurse why my tears wernt coming out and she told me i was in shock. I got a fever, insomnia, lost of appetite, it lasted for months. Its been 3 years and im still numb. People will try and tell you it gets better, or they will tell you your so strong. People try and tell you about grieve… truth is it sucks and its ur own journey. Always do what feels right for u. F everyone else x

Hi, im 5 weeks today of losing my dad. I was the same after a week i didnt cry. I felt so strange but didn’t cry. And then, they came back again. I agree with what someone else said that it may be your body’s way of coping. Just take each day as it comes. I think i may still be in shock as i find it too difficult to comprehend he’s gone. Good luck. Everyone says we will get through this.