Why is life so hard?

It’s 10 months since I lost my sister… she was 45. I feel wrapped up in guilt that it was her and not me. Everything has changed so much and my family and I are just broken by it. I hate my life without her and caring for her 10 year old daughter is something I promised I would do but in reality im finding it so difficult because I don’t know how to do it all. Some days are ok, others I want to run away because I don’t feel I’m doing anything right. Dealing with the grief of children and your parents is one of the hardest things ever. :weary: please tell me these feelings of guilt are normal?


Hi I lost my daughter in Oct 21, Amy only 36 my only child, I now have full time care of my 3 granddaughters, I understand you feeling guilty I do to, all you can do is take it a minute at a time am sure your sister will be so proud of you for keeping your promise to her, will light a candle for you all big hugs coming your way xx