"Why it's okay not to watch the Royal Wedding if you're grieving"

It’s becoming tricky to avoid the excitement about Harry and Meghan’s upcoming wedding this weekend, but whether you watch it or let it pass you by is your decision. For many coping with bereavement the Royal Wedding will trigger memories of loved ones and perhaps bring up a number of difficult feelings. If that’s something you’re experiencing then we’re here for you. If you need some support this weekend, reply to this post and we’ll get through together.

Sue Ryder blogger Richard, who lost his wife Fiona six months ago, wrote about why he’ll be enjoying the sunshine with his dog instead of watching the wedding:

“To watch the Royal Wedding will remind me of the last one we saw – on a television in a bar in Madeira – with the warm sea breeze flapping the blinds. It will remind me of our own wedding day…There will be times I choose to remember that, such as on our wedding anniversary later in the year. Not yet though.”

You can read the rest of Richard’s blog here

I’ll be following Richard’s lead this weekend and going for a long walk in the sun rounded off with a pub lunch. What are your plans?

This weekend is probably not very different from all the weekends that those of us left behind have to get through…weekends can sometimes be very cruel!! That said, for some “the wedding” may provide a little ray of hope because it is a reminder that life rolls on regardless and that we all have to navigate the different seasons of our lives as best we can. Someone on the radio this week made the comment that “Love is in the air…and where there is love, so there is God” so can I just say that I really hope that love in one of its many forms will be with each and everyone on this site… and beyond… for not just this weekend but for always.
Take care everyone x

I sat down to watch the royal wedding, not expecting the huge emotional impact it would have on me. The gospel choir singing ‘Stand by Me’ broke my heart - the person who ‘stood by me’ through thick and thin for 40 years has gone from my life and it is so painful - I am still crying hours later. I really wish I too had gone for a walk in the sunshine instead.

I did the same as you Eleanor. I went for a walk to somewhere I hadn’t visited for at least 35-40 years, I last went with my parents. It was beautiful and it looked almost exactly the same as I remembered. We used to have picnics there and have a really long walk afterwards so I did the same. Even managed a ‘selfie’ of myself which I will update my Facebook profile picture with.

Watched the highlights of the wedding this evening and remembered past royal events and having an elderly neighbour in for tea to watch it on the TV together. She didn’t have TV so it was a big treat for her.

No sadness for me just amazement at the outfits that people deemed as fashionable and the high heels I would not be able to walk in.

Hi all, I watched it yesterday and enjoyed it, but it did bring back memories of losing my mum when I was 11. Harry lived out his loss aged 12 in front of the world, but I’ve always felt an affinity with a kid who lost their mum too soon, just as I did. Brought it back yesterday, having a good cry now! Best wishes to you all, Mooey x

I too was in bits watching Harry and Meghan say their vows. I knew watching would be difficult and make me feel even more alone ( if that were possible) than usual but was totally unprepared for just how devastated I was…not just for my own loss but because one of them will most probably walk the path we are on one day and that really hurts.
Grief such as ours is a terrible price to pay but I shall always be truly thankful that I met Barry and that our love grew and encompassed all that I am…not everyone is so blessed and perhaps we are all paying the price of the most precious gift we ever had.
Take care everyone…I am thinking of all of you.x